More fun foreign covers

Last night, I stumbled across some fun foreign covers for A Lot Like Love, and I thought I’d share.

Macedonian cover: I like that badge! And Special Agent Nick McCall is looking pretty foxy there. True, I think that skyline is New York instead of Chicago, but we’ll go with it.

ALLL Macedonian


And here’s the Bulgarian cover: Love the wine glasses! Good thing they didn’t make Nick’s wine pink. : )

ALLL BulgarianWhat do you guys think?


Ciao, Italian readers!

SAY Italy

Earlier this month, my Italian publisher released the translated version of Something About You (QUALCOSA DI TE). Check out the pretty cover!

I remember now that we had to change Jack’s last name from “Pallas” to “Dallas,” because “Pallas” apparently means something bawdy in Italian. Oops. : )

Something About You (QUALCOSA DI TE) currently is #48 in all Kindle at Amazon Italy. And I also just learned that my first two books, Just the Sexiest Man Alive (DELIZIOSA SFIDA) and Practice Makes Perfect (QUESTIONE DI PRATICA), are the #2 and #4 ebook bestsellers of all time from my Italian publisher. (Full list here.)


Lots o’ fun news–PMP in audio, a blog chat, new foreign translations, and the Casa James garden

PMP audiobookHey everyone! I’m back from a lovely, three-day Memorial Day weekend with the family and thought I’d share some various bits of fun news:

First, I’m thrilled that the PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT audiobook is now available! (And currently 20% off.) I can’t wait to hear narrator Karen White reading that broken heel/courtroom scene. : ) You can listen to an excerpt from the book at the Tantor Audio website.

Second, during the RT Convention, I taped a blog chat with Sara from the Harlequin Junkie blog and Sasha from Caribbean Accent Book Reviews. That 30 minute chat is now available at Blog Talk Radio, and anyone can listen–no sign in or registration required. We had a great time talking about my books, the development of the FBI/U.S. Attorney series, my favorite hero, how I came to be a romance writer, my book covers . . . and I even talk a little about my next book. (Just a smidge.)

Also, I’ve updated my International Editions page to reflect the newest upcoming foreign translations of my books. Love Irresistibly will be translated into French and Thai (and I suspect more languages to come)–in fact, the entire FBI/U.S. Attorney series is being translated into Thai. Also, Just the Sexiest Man Alive (Deliziosa Sfida) will be released in hardcover in Italian. (The book is already available in paperback and e-book.) Finally, I’m thrilled to have my first book translated into Turkish–Something About You.

And, on a personal note, it’s summer gardening day here at Casa James. We’ll call this one the “before” shot. I’ll post (hopefully) when I have an “after.” : )

Garden before



Inside my writing process (and some etc.)

I shared this one over on Facebook and Twitter, thought I’d post here as well… My super-high-tech method of keeping track of notes while revising Love Irresistibly.

Also, Francesca over at La Mia Biblioteca Romantica spotted the Italian translation of Practice Makes Perfect, which is now available from Emozioni.

I’m told the caption says: They hardly get along but behind closed doors…it’s quite another thing. 

I like it!


Cool additions to the site

We’ve made some fun changes here at that I think you all are really going to like.  Most notably, I’ve added a page for the FBI/US Attorney series that provides a tongue-in-cheek overview of the series, and talks about the inspiration behind the books. I’ve also created profiles for the three heroes in the series that you don’t want to miss.  (Trust me–it’s worth checking out.)

In addition, I’ve also added an international editions page that includes publisher links, titles, and covers (where available) of the various foreign translations of my books.  If you get a chance, click through the lineup of international covers for each book. There are some fun, great covers in there–and a couple rather, um, interesting ones, too.

Like the changes? Is there something else you’d like to see?  I’d love to hear your feedback!