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There have been many first pages in the course of my writing career, but perhaps none as exciting for me as this one. Screenwriting is how my writing career began and I’m thrilled to get back to my roots and work again in this medium. (Full disclosure: this photo is a month old; I was so nervous I wouldn’t remember how to do this I waited until the midpoint to say anything. 😜)

Also… this doesn’t mean I’m done writing books! It means that this is the project I wanted to write at this time. Once I’m finished here I’ll think about what’s next.

2 thoughts on “Writing News

  1. Trish says:

    I was pleasantly surprised reading your writing again. Although, I wish it was another book, glad there is going to be something out there that will make me laugh! I really loved your books! Your stories were engaging , romantic and funny!!!

  2. Terry Collins says:

    Hi Julie,
    Congratulations on page one of your screenplay. You are such a talented writer so I know you will ace it 😃 I can’t wait to see “Something About You” as a movie. So exciting.
    I see looking back that you started a book with two lawyers as the main characters. Just wondering if that book was ever finished? Is it something waiting for publishing (like any day-LOL) or is it just something that may be completed sometime in the future? Obviously, I can’t wait to read more books of yours but I agree that family obligations are first and following your heart to write what makes you happy is second.
    Good luck 👍🏼

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