Audiobook giveaway (and IHOW made the bestseller lists!)

IHOW audiobooksHey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I’m running a giveaway for a copy of the IT HAPPENED ONE WEDDING audiobook over at my Facebook page. Be sure to leave a comment on the post there if you’d like to enter.

Also, I was away at the RT Convention last week, so I forgot to mention: IT HAPPENED ONE WEDDING made both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists! I’m just so thrilled! Thanks to all you awesome readers who made it happen. 🙂

December audiobooks sale

Just wanted to drop a quick line that all audiobooks are 50% off in December at Tantor Audio! This includes the FBI/US Attorney series, Practice Makes Perfect, and tons of other great audiobooks. More info can be found here.

Happy holidays!

Chat with narrator Karen White

PMP audiobookAs part of June Is Audiobooks Month, listen to me chat with narrator Karen White about my books, the FBI/U.S. Attorney series, and why my books have gotten a bit, well… steamier. : ) Oh! And I chat (cryptically) about my next book, too.

You can listen to the chat at the Audiogals site.


June is Audiobooks Month

PMP audiobookNew to audiobooks? Or maybe you’re a devoted audiobook listener? June is Audiobooks month, and as part of that I’m chatting with Anne Stuart, Pamela Clare, and Jennifer Ashley about the behind the scenes of our books being released in audio format. You can drop by the Audiogals site to listen!

All of my books are available in audiobook format, narrated by the awesome Karen White. If you’d like to listen to an excerpt from any of the books, you can do that right here at my website.  Just go to books, click on the title of the book you’re interested in, and then you’ll see the link for the audio clip in the sidebar.

I’m always curious to hear what you guys think of the audiobooks (or the even the excerpts), so feel free to comment below with your thoughts!

Happy listening!