More Giveaways!

Who doesn’t love free books around the holidays? My awesome publisher (Berkley) is giving away even more books from my backlist! So we’ve now got copies of my first three books (Just the Sexiest Man Alive, Practice Makes Perfect, and Something About You) up for grabs.

If you’ve never read me before, or you’ve only read some of my books, or if you’ve read all my books but would love to have another copy for yourself or a friend, here’s the rundown of all the giveaways that are going on right now. (Click on the links to enter)

Five copies (5) of Something About You (FBI/US Attorney series #1) at my Facebook page. [click on the “Giveaway” tab underneath the header]

Twenty-five copies (25) of Just the Sexiest Man Alive at Goodreads.

Twenty-five copies (25) of Practice Makes Perfect at Goodreads.

Good luck to everyone who enters, and happy holidays!

Please note: you must follow the links above to enter the various giveaways–leaving a comment below doesn’t count. (Although you are still welcome to comment just to chat.)  : )


Something About You audiobook cover

Back from a nine-day trip to Disney World with the two kids–and let me tell you, Fantasyland with two kids in ninety-degree weather is not for the faint of heart–and I had this waiting in my inbox: the cover art for the Something About You audiobook!


Tantor decided to use their own cover art, but I think it fits in great with the rest of my covers.  The audiobook releases on June 29th and I can’t wait to hear it!

And another fun thing– a reader forwarded me the Italian cover of Just the Sexiest Man AliveDeliziosa Sfida (“Blissful Challenge”)–which also releases this month.


Coming soon. . . SOMETHING ABOUT YOU on audiobook

Many of you have asked whether any of my last four books are going to be available as audiobooks (currently, JUST THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE is the only one available in that format).  Good news: as of yesterday, I can finally answer that question with a “Yes!”

Tantor Audio has bought the audio rights to SOMETHING ABOUT YOU, and I’m thrilled that Cameron and Jack’s story is going to be available as an audiobook! The narrator will be Karen White, who did a fantastic job with the audiobook for JTSMA, and they are aiming for a June 29 release date.  Personally, I can’t wait to see how they’re going to do that first chapter with all the “WhaMA-WhaMA-WhaMA’s.”  Too much fun.

For those of who’d like to hear Karen White in action, you can listen to a sample of her reading JUST THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE here.

Casting Just the Sexiest Man Alive

I’m so excited about this, I had to post it here.  As many of you know, I originally wrote Just the Sexiest Man Alive as a screenplay that was optioned by a Hollywood producer but, sadly, never made into a movie.

This weekend a reader, Uli, sent me the below graphic she’d designed of a “movie poster” she’d made for Just the Sexiest Man Alive.  And she even cast the film! Check it out:

I LOVE this!  Wow, the details– especially the People magazine with Jason on the cover as “Sexiest Man Alive.” And I really like the casting choices, too.  So we’ve got Wentworth Miller playing Jason, Autumn Reeser as Taylor, David Boreanz (yum) as Jeremy, and Justin Timberlake as Scott Casey.

How about you?  If Just the Sexiest Man Alive was made into a movie and you were in charge of casting, who would you choose?