Something About You audiobook cover

Back from a nine-day trip to Disney World with the two kids–and let me tell you, Fantasyland with two kids in ninety-degree weather is not for the faint of heart–and I had this waiting in my inbox: the cover art for the Something About You audiobook!


Tantor decided to use their own cover art, but I think it fits in great with the rest of my covers.  The audiobook releases on June 29th and I can’t wait to hear it!

And another fun thing– a reader forwarded me the Italian cover of Just the Sexiest Man AliveDeliziosa Sfida (“Blissful Challenge”)–which also releases this month.


4 thoughts on “Something About You audiobook cover

  1. Julie says:

    I’m excited about the release, too, Shelley– can’t wait to hear it myself. : ) I’m guessing it will be available on Amazon, although this is my first time working with Tantor Audiobooks…

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