Heroine profiles (via an awesome reader) and a giveaway

fan artPlease note: the giveaway is now closed.

I swear, I really do have the coolest readers. You guys make awesome fan art, like the one to the left (I love that I’m wearing the dress from the cover of Love Irresistibly) or the one here for Just the Sexiest Man Alive, and so many others. Recently, a reader named Wendy noted that I’d only posted profiles for the heroes in the FBI/U.S. Attorney series. Determined to rectify that situation, she sent me some profiles she’d created for the heroines.  Seriously, how awesome is that? So now, I happy share Wendy’s heroine profiles with you.

And to celebrate the general coolness of all my readers, let’s have a giveaway! Two randomly-selected winners will win a signed copy of any of the books in my FBI/U.S. Attorney series. (Except It Happened One Wedding, which isn’t out until May 6.) Giveaway is international and will be open until 9pm CST on Monday, Feb. 3rd. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below. (P.S. Those of you seeing this on my Goodreads page should click here and leave a comment at my blog to enter.)

Without further ado, I give you Wendy’s FBI/U.S. Attorney heroine profiles. Enjoy!

Name:  Cameron LyndeSAYcoverBerkley

Occupation:  Assistant U.S. Attorney

Alias:  The New Sheriff in Town

Weapon of Choice:  Sarcasm, and Manolo Blaniks

Weakness:  Men who glower

Best Day:  Appointed U. S. Attorney for Northern District of Illinois

Not Her Finest Moment:  Being caught in yoga pants and a Michigan T-shirt during her reunion with a certain FBI “Hottie”

Dream Destination:  The Peninsula Hotel (No Wall-Banging Sex or Murder victims allowed in the room next door.)

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Name:  Jordan Rhodes9780425240168_ALotLikeLove_MM.indd

Occupation:  Owner of DeVine Cellars

Alias:  Billionaire Heiress

Drives:  Maserati  (Twin brother Kyle not the only one allowed to drive a fun car!!!)

Weapon of Choice:  Sarcasm, Uggs, and a bottle of wine

Weakness:  A man willing to watch “Dancing With the Stars.”

Random Fact:  Willing to go undercover with the FBI to help twin bother “The Twitter Terrorist. “

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Name:  Rylann Pierce9780425246955_AboutThatNig_CV.indd

Occupation:  Assistant U.S. Attorney

Alias:  Meth Lab Rylann / Prosecutrix Pierce

Weapon of Choice: A Deposition and a Skirt Suit

Weakness: A certain “cyber menace to society” (His Mercedes SLS AMG is a  definite plus too)

Best Day:  A successful prosecution

Random Fact:  Willing to hold on to a flannel shirt for nine years.

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Name:  Brooke Parkercomps_LoveIrr.indd

Occupation:  General Counsel for Sterling Restaurants

Alias:  “Tough Girl Lawyer”

Weapon of Choice: Prosecutorial banter, eight restaurants on speed dial, and a corner office facing Michigan Avenue and Lake Michigan

Weakness:  “Tough Guy “ U.S. Attorneys who make a mean Denver omelette

Best Day:  Promotion to Executive Vice-President/ General Counsel and part owner Sterling Restaurants

Random Fact:  Once shared “Ten Rules of Casual Sex” with 529 of her closest Facebook friends.

Featured inLove Irresistibly


All About Romance Readers’ Poll is open

Did you read some awesome romance novels this past year? The annual All About Romance Readers’ Poll is now open, where readers can vote for their favorite books of 2013. Voting is open to everyone. Link to the poll is here.

And in case you were wondering, LOVE IRRESISTIBLY came out in 2013. Just saying. : )

More fun foreign covers

Last night, I stumbled across some fun foreign covers for A Lot Like Love, and I thought I’d share.

Macedonian cover: I like that badge! And Special Agent Nick McCall is looking pretty foxy there. True, I think that skyline is New York instead of Chicago, but we’ll go with it.

ALLL Macedonian


And here’s the Bulgarian cover: Love the wine glasses! Good thing they didn’t make Nick’s wine pink. : )

ALLL BulgarianWhat do you guys think?


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