New release date for FLIRTY LITTLE SECRETS

So… I have some news about FLIRTY LITTLE SECRETS. The short version is, the book’s release date has been pushed back to March 7, 2017.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking, because it’s the same thing thought the first time my editor told me the new release date.

Here’s the deal: I needed an extra month on my deadline. The book is coming along well–really well, in fact–but I needed a little more time to do all the things I want to do with this book. Unfortunately, that one-month delay impacts things on my publisher’s side, and in order for them to be able to do all the things they want with this book, they needed to push it back to March 2017.

Trust me, I can’t wait to have FLIRTY LITTLE SECRETS out in the world. But at the end of the day, I would much rather take the time that is necessary for me to finish writing the book, than rush things and potentially sacrifice quality. There are many things I can’t control once a book leaves my hands, but the one thing I can always ensure is that I write the story I want to write.

That said, I know the delay stinks. And I apologize for that–I know how much you guys are looking forward to the book. On the upside, I’ve already talked to my publisher, and we’re going to do a monthly series of giveaways of all my backlist books as we countdown to the release of the new book. So stay tuned for that.

Feel free to leave any comments below–I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!






50 thoughts on “New release date for FLIRTY LITTLE SECRETS

      • Janet says:

        Are we delayed yet again? Hmmmm, I smell a bit of a rat. Truth be told, I was very disappointed in Suddenly Last Summer–here’s hoping Flirty Little Secrets is worth the wait (as was the delicious It Happened One Wedding!)

        • julie says:

          I’m not sure what “rat” you smell, but I found out about the new release date yesterday, when readers emailed me about it. I’ve reached out to my editor, who also wasn’t aware of the change in the release date. I’m hoping to have more answers today and will post an update as soon as I do.

  1. Kanoko says:

    You’ll make it worth the agonizing wait. Thank you for writing the stories you want to write. All best!

    (But for now, I think I need my own paper bag and pole…)

  2. Laurie H says:

    I have the sadz…but also questions.
    1. Any chance you’re able to write an ebook novella to tide us over? Like updates on some of your past characters?
    2. Will that mean the book that follows FLS will come out sooner than the usual year gap? Or will you use the extra delay to be with the family? I’m just being nosy, so if you don’t want to answer, that’s cool.

    • julie says:

      Hi Laurie,

      Not being nosy at all. Instead of a novella, I plan to jump right into the next book as soon as I finish this one. I *hope* that means the next one might come out earlier, but it’s too soon to say that for sure now.

  3. Judy Tam says:

    Thanks for the explanation! I wondered when I received the update from Amazon…. I’m sad about the delay but still excited for the release of a new book from you!

  4. Kim says:

    You have to be happy with the finished product, so we’ll just have to wait patiently for it. That’s an interesting detail about publishing: A one month delay in turning in a manuscript can in turn cause a one year difference in the publishing date.

    • julie says:

      As I’ve learned, it has to do with the way my publisher positions the book releases in terms of marketing, the retailers, sales, etc. I was the “lead” book for July 2016, and if I’m late by a month they can’t just stick me in August 2016, because they already have another lead book set for that month. So, my book gets pushed further back, to the next available lead spot.

      • Elisa says:

        Is it ok if I hope all the other writers ask for your extensions, so you get a lead position sooner? Or does that make me an awfully selfish person? Considering that I have whole chunks of your book already memorized, I *need* FLS!
        I hope the writing goes well.

  5. Aneta Gjundrova says:

    I’m happy to be a part of every book writing by your hands Julie, and I’ll waiting for each one…I’m rereading all your books and will have a lot of fun to March, 2017…You are the best author ?

  6. VeronikaDream says:

    Oh, no. I can’t believe there won’t be a new book coming out in 2016. But I understand the delay and can’t thank you enough for the amazing stories you write! I guess it’s time for me to re-read all the other books. 🙂

  7. Kate says:

    I’m not going to lie… this is really disappointing news.
    It’s also a little insulting to be placated with free books. Most of your readers will have your back catalog already. The blase attitude doesn’t really help the nearly two year wait between books.

    • julie says:

      I understand your disappointment. I, too, am not thrilled that a month delay on my end results in an eight-month delay in publication, but that’s out of my hands.

  8. Judy G says:

    Waiting is hard, but I think it’s more important that you have the time you need to write the best book you can and that your publisher has the time they need to produce and market your book.

  9. Rowena says:

    I’m just glad it’s still coming out. I can wait a little longer. I know that I’m going to love it so do what you have to do, I’m still going to read it.

  10. Kelli says:

    this is the reason i self-publish… you’re not at the mercy of a publisher and their timeline. lots of people lose fans when the wait is so long. you should take a cue from musicians and release things on your own schedule sooner, like w/an e-book version or something!

  11. Andrea says:

    Waiting for the new book eagerly. And any chance to get and update on my absolute favorites…..Taylor Donovan and Jason Andrews? LOVE THEM!!!!!

    • julie says:

      Some day, I’d love to do a novella about Jeremy (Jason’s best friend), that would include an update on Jason and Taylor. I just need to find the time to do it. 🙂

    • julie says:

      Hi Judy–candidly, that new release date was a surprise to me. I wasn’t informed there was going to be a change. Yesterday, when I reached out to my editor, she didn’t know about the change in the date, either. I’m hoping to have more answers today and will post an update as soon as I do.

  12. Christina says:

    This is disappointing but your books are so totally and completely worth the wait. I love the Chicago backdrop…and I love Cade. Can I have him? A couple of these reader comments are just…wow. Silly me thought you’d reap the bulk of your rewards once the book is available for sale in which case you’re as disappointed with the delay as the rest of us–if not more. Clearly not. Sooner is better than later but I, for one, appreciate the heart, sweat and quality that you put into each book. Thank you for that and know that it matters to a lot of us. Now, about Cade…

    • julie says:

      Thanks, Christina! Glad you enjoyed the books–and Cade. 😉

      Yes, it’s fair to say that probably no one wants this book to be out more than I do!

  13. Willie says:

    So my mental clock said hmmm it’s about time for a new Julie James so I looked you up. Good news – my radar is pretty good (original release date of July 2016). Bad news – the release date has been pushed to 2017 (boooo!). Just wanted to say that although disappointing, I rather the story be the best one you’re able to give. I’ve enjoyed all your books and I look forward to the new one. ::sigh:: I guess I’ll have to reread some of your other ones while I wait. Such a hardship. 🙂

    • julie says:

      Thanks, Willie! I totally understand that it’s disappointing there’s no new book this year (that’s disappointing for me, too!), but that’s my philosophy: it’s worth taking the extra time to get the book exactly how I want it. 🙂

  14. Jane says:

    Well, I am disappointed but it will be something to look forward to in the Spring. I really enjoy your books. Thank you for wanting your books to be about quality and not just to make a buck.

    • julie says:

      Thanks, Jane! It’s my longest book by far (20K words longer than anything else I’ve written), and that impacted my timing, too.

  15. Susan says:

    I wondered where you went to! But now I can go back and do a massive Julie James re-read:)). I’m also happy that you care about the quality of your books…..that’s why they are so good every time<3

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