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Since several of you asked…the pre-order link for my next book, FLIRTY LITTLE SECRETS, is up on Amazon here.  I have confirmation from my publisher that the Kindle price is going to drop by $2 and should be showing up on Amazon next week. Those of you who already pre-ordered will get it for the cheaper price, per Amazon’s pre-order guarantee.

More information about FLIRTY LITTLE SECRETS can be found here.

Let’s take one more look at that pretty cover, shall we? Seeing how it’s snowing in Chicago this morning, I wouldn’t mind being on a beach right about now…

6 thoughts on “Amazon pre-order link

    • julie says:

      Flirty Little Lies was the original title of THE THING ABOUT LOVE. So, if you’ve read THE THING ABOUT LOVE, you’re set. 🙂

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