Looking for something fun to do?

. . . and possibly win an awesome prize? That’s right, folks, it’s DA BWAHA time again, the March Madness tournament of romance novels!  You all might remember DA BWAHA from last year, when–ahem–Something About You won the whole thing.

This works just like the NCAA basketball tournaments: there are 64 books to start, with books being pitted against each other in a “head-to-head” match. People then can vote for the books (and by people, that means anyone!), and the book that gets the most votes advances to the next round.  On we go, until we get down to two books and, ultimately, the champion.

As part of the fun, the authors beg for votes and engage in some pretty hilarious trash-talk.  (You might all recall the video Mr. James put together last year when Something About You made it to the final round.  If you haven’t seen it, you can check that out here.)

A Lot Like Love is one of the finalists this year.  (Hurray!) I believe the first round of voting will take place this Wednesday, March 14th. So if you liked A Lot Like Love, and would like to support the book and help it advance to the next round, stay tuned. I’ll post when the vote goes up.  

But remember, anyone can fill out a bracket!  In addition to being tons of fun, there are awesome prizes at stake.  (See the full list of prizes.) Click here to fill out your bracket and join in.

Good luck to everyone who enters, and go Team Love!


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