Winners– Something About You giveaway

Wow, we had a great turnout here for the Something About You giveaway!  A big thanks to everyone who dropped by.  I’m thrilled you guys are looking forward to the release of About That Night.

Several of you asked questions in the giveaway comments.  To make sure those don’t get lost in the shuffle, I’m going to answer those in a separate post.  Actually, I’ll probably spread them across a couple of posts.  But regardless, never fear–the answers will be forthcoming!

As always, when randomly selecting the winners, I included anyone who posted on my Goodreads blog.  So without further ado, the winners for the giveaway are:

The winner of the $25 gift card and a copy of Something About You is…

AnneM-SC (comment #103)

The winners of the copies of Something About You are…

 Joanna (comment #63)

Melissa (comment #112)

Clare (comment #190)

Amelia (comment #168)

Congratulations!  Winners, please email me at info[at]juliejamesbooks[dot]com and let me know whether you would like a signed paperback of Something About You or a Kindle or Nook eBook.  If choosing a signed paperback, please send me your snail-mail address.  AnneM-SC, please also let me know whether you would prefer a gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

For all of you who didn’t win, guess what?  You’re going to get another chance.  I did promise you a month of celebration here at, didn’t I?  : )

Be sure to check back on Tuesday, folks.  The merriment will continue.

In the meantime, happy reading!

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