Tall, Dark and Smoldering?

Quick question:

I need some opinions/suggestions for a A Lot Like Love (aka Book 4): what actor/celebrity would you describe as tall, dark, and smoldering?

Just for fun, I googled “tall, dark, and handsome” and this guy came up:

Would say his eyes are green?  Because the hero in A Lot Like Love has dark hair and green eyes, and I sure wouldn’t mind picturing this guy.  : )

By the way, his name is Eduardo Verástegui, and Wikipedia lists him as a model, singer and actor from Mexico. I think I need to do a little more research on him… for the book, of course.

23 thoughts on “Tall, Dark and Smoldering?

  1. Liza says:

    Nice! Looks a little like the guy that played Austin on Days of our Lives years ago. What about Gilles Marini? He was Dante in the Sex and the City movie.

  2. Anne W says:

    Eduardo works just fine for me to picture as the hero of A LOT LIKE LOVE. In fact, he may work a little too well!!! Whew!!

  3. Tori says:

    I was thinking of the guy who plays Eric on CSI Miami, and I think Gilles Marini would be great, too. But, Eduardo Verástegui, is VERY yummy! Oh my!

  4. Shannon says:

    I agree with Tori and Angie. Eric on CSI Miami and Richard Armitage.

    Hmmm, if your charcter was not Caucaisan I would say Shemar Moore on Criminal Minds. ::sigh::

    There is the ultimate brooding man, Angel.

    I have a particular soft spot for Christopher Meloni on Law & Order SVU.

  5. tennismom mary g says:

    Hi Julie
    His eyes do look green & he looks very yummy. I’ll be glad to picture him when I read your book. If there are any other body parts you’d like our opinion on we’d be happy to help. May I suggest an excerpt & picture together. Honestly, we don’t mind.

  6. Pat L. says:

    Wow, there is something about those eyes – grey or green? Wouldnt mind seeing him on Dancing with the Stars. Bet he could really move. LOL. And it would be some nice eye candy every week.

  7. Julie says:

    Hey guys! I’m loving all these suggestions! And trust me, I’ve been checking all these men out. For research purposes, of course. 😉

    Liza: As a Days fan myself, I have to agree–he does look like the old Austin! I think Patrick Muldoon is the actor’s name.

  8. Janet Lewis says:

    Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras is a good choice. He is hawt! He’s an Argentine polo player, and is the face of Ralph Lauren Polo cologne.

  9. yoy50 says:

    My goodness he’s yummy looking! Good choice! 🙂

    You’re definitely on the right track! I love the combo of dark hair and green eyes too.

  10. Kimberly says:

    He looks like a more rugged Matthew Boomer. Zachery Levi said it right, ‘God must be having a good day when he made Matthew Boomer, because he has everything.’ Good pick, can’t wait to read the scenes you came up with him. 😉

  11. Angie says:

    The eyes are definitely a shade of green.

    I wouldn’t mind picturing this guy… doing ANYTHING, or nothing **grin**. He definitely looks like a good character for a book, probably has lots of layers 🙂

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