Off to the RT Convention!

Whoo-hoo!  Last night I turned in A Lot Like Love to my editor.  Whew– glad to have that off my plate.  Here’s hoping she likes it.

Today I’m packing my bags, and then tomorrow… it’s off to Columbus, Ohio, for the 2010 RT BookLovers Convention!  This will be my first time attending the RT convention, and I’m very excited.  For those of you attending, or in the Columbus area, here’s where you’ll be able to find me:

*Friday, April 30th 10:00-11:00a.m. I’m hosting a Save the Contemporary panel with Jane Litte from Dear Author, Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, and fellow contemporary author Louisa Edwards.  Here’s the description:

“Love the modern take on the age old romance tale? We do and we want to meet with other readers who love contemporary romances. What makes a great contemporary romance truly great? Come share your thoughts and favorites, and make suggestions on what could make contemporary romance even better.”

Oh– and I’ll be giving away 25 copies of Just the Sexiest Man Alive and Practice Makes Perfect during the panel.  So if you’re around, be sure to drop by for a fabulous, fun discussion on contemporary romance.

*Saturday, May 1, 11:00a.m.- 2:00p.m, Giant Book Fair.  I’ll be signing books, along with about 300 other authors.  Registered conference members can attend for free, and the event is also open to the public for a $5.00 fee.  The full lists of authors attending the signing can be found here.

Beyond that, I’ll be attending many of the workshops and author events–and of course the parties, too.  Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

4 thoughts on “Off to the RT Convention!

  1. Dee Glogowski says:

    Julie, I just finished Something About You. It’s your best book yet! Keep it up.

    I have a question: In ch 5 when Jack is explaining the crime scene, he says the video tape was found in Mandy’s purse. In ch 8 where Grant is describing how he left the room after the murder, he said he put the camera AND the tape behind the TV. Is that an oversight or did you plan it that way?

  2. Kim says:

    I just read that you had lunch with another one of my must-read authors – Sherry Thomas. How was it? Did you know each other before RT? Anyway, I hope you had fun.

  3. Julie says:

    Hi Kim! I had a really good time at the convention. Sherry and I met at RWA last year, and yes, I had the pleasure of hanging out with her at RT. She’s a riot. : )

  4. Julie says:

    Hi Dee– Glad you enjoyed the book! As for the oversight… sounds like you might have me there. Now I need to go back and check out those two scenes. My goodness.

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