All About Romance Readers Poll is open

Read some good romance novels this past year? The annual All About Romance Readers’ Poll is now open, where readers can vote for their favorite romance novels of 2012. Voting is open to all. Link to the poll is here.

And in case you were wondering, ABOUT THAT NIGHT came out in 2012. Just saying.  : )


4 thoughts on “All About Romance Readers Poll is open

  1. Gladys Paradowski says:

    One of my favorite all-time romance stories is Leanne Banks “Some Girls Do.” I love it for the humor.

    During Christmas I am a bit behind in reading.

  2. rina darmayanti says:

    Julie, u are my mostly favorite CR author. U are the best. I’ve all the books of FBI series, in indonesian translation. N swear to God, i was so crazy waiting ATN released in Indonesia. N finally, it’ll come out on febr 6. Hope they’ll not cancel it again.
    Im always excited to read about FBI agent. N 4 me your FBI series have a special place in my heart. Very charming! First i thought no one cant replace Jack Pallas as my number 1 sexiest agent. But, in another side, i was in love at the first with Nick. Uhhh.. N Cameron, Jordan, they are tough womens, my inspired heroines. I wont missed even one of your book. Hope soon after LI released on april, the publisher in Indonesia will translate it soon n publish them. Love u, Julie, thank u 4 making great stories 4 us. Keep writing!

  3. Julie says:

    Hey there, everyone!

    Rina, thanks for the lovely comment! So glad you’re enjoying the series. And those FBI agents. : ) I’m looking forward to the Indonesian release of ATN, too!

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