RT convention photos (don’t laugh)

Okay, so if you haven’t realized this about me already, I’m the worst about taking photos at these writers’ conferences.  But I had an amazing time at the RT BookLovers convention, connecting with both readers and other authors, so I thought I’d share the little I have.

First, let’s start with the good stuff.  Here’s a great photo taken by Benita, a reader who dropped by my table at the book signing.

Next, I grabbed this picture off Twitter that was taken by Beth Kery, when a bunch of us went downtown for dinner.  That’s Nalini Singh in the background there, getting ready to steal some of my frosting.


And now for the one photo that I took, the one time I actually remembered to pull out my phone and take a picture.  I think this speaks volumes about me:

A piece of chocolate cake as big as my head.

Seriously, it was that huge.  That’s Louisa Edwards’s hand there, for scale.

So there you have it, the photo journal of my RT experience.  I met lots of awesome readers, hung out with super-cool readers, found out that About That Night made the NY Times and USA Today bestseller lists, and ate lots and lots of chocolate cake.  Oh, and then my dad stopped by the book signing as a surprise and told people coming up to my table that he’s my dad and that I’m a “really nice person.”  (Thanks, Dad!) Then he ran off to get a book signed by Sue Grafton.

All in all, a pretty great four days.

Edited to add: Yay! After posting this, another reader, Maria, emailed me the following two photos for my collection. For those of you who haven’t been to an RT or RWA conference, the first photo gives you a glimpse of what one looks like.



10 thoughts on “RT convention photos (don’t laugh)

  1. Vicki says:

    Wish I was there! Someday I’ll go. You’re dad is so cute and proud of you. Pat yourself on the back, your books are great!

  2. j3nny says:

    Today was my first time at a RT Book Fair and it was exciting! It was awesome meeting you and getting a picture with you too! 😀

  3. Janet L. says:

    That’s so sweet about your dad.
    There’s a place close to me (unfortunately) that has all things chocolate. They serve a piece of choc. cake that is almost that big. I eat on it for three days. Delicious!

    I thought that post by Troy Harmon on you FB page was cute. He’s the guy that really thinks you may have been his first kiss in kindergarten, and was concerned you didn’t think he was some weirdo. 🙂

  4. Wendy W says:

    From a fellow chocoholic to another YUM!YUM!!. Wish I could have been there. Chicago is on my list of cities to visit. RT Convention on the list as well

  5. Di says:

    It was GREAT to meet you at RT yesterday and was very glad it was held close to home this year! Awww…your dad must have been the gentleman that was talking to you before we came up. Thank you again for signing my book, About That Night – finished it last night(mentioned to you I was half way through). Now it’s going on my “keeper” shelf!

  6. Moran Videletz says:

    Sounds like you had a great time.

    The chocolate cake looks so yummy and I think with cakes bigger is better LOL

    Too bad the conference wasn’t in Chicago last year when I was there for a visit.

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