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A reader asked me whether there was any place where people who’d read About That Night could discuss the book, including spoilers.  I thought that was a great idea.  I’ve seen a lot of conversations about the book on Twitter and Facebook and thought people might enjoy the opportunity to chat with other readers.  I’m also happy to answer questions about the book, but feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

So be forewarned: any comments below may include spoilers.

I also wanted to thank all of you for the emails, tweets, Facebook posts, etc.  I’m thrilled to hear you guys are enjoying About That Night!

86 thoughts on “About That Night Discussion Blog

  1. Sanjana says:

    Hey Julie,

    Remember me?
    Anyways, I wanted to ask you something. Actually, it’s not about ATN, but rather about JTSMA. Daniele cheats on Kyle with a certain Scott Casey, and I believe it’s the same one who tried to mess up Jason and Taylor. So my question is that whether he’s always going to a villain, or do you have any plans for later where he too finds his perfect match?

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Sanjana! Interesting question… I’ll be honest, I haven’t thought much about doing a book for Scott Casey. I never say never to anything, although I think if I was going to return to the Hollywood world I’d be more interested in doing a book about Jeremy, Jason’s best friend in JTSMA.

  3. Sanjana says:

    Oh, yeah. That is a very good idea. As a matter of fact, when I read the book, I kinda thought that maybe Jeremy already a lady love, because of the way he understood what Jason was going through. But Scott Casey seemed to jump out again, so I thought maybe you had him in mind. But what about Kendell and Jameson? Any chance of any insight there? Like I mentioned, they were my favourite until Rylann and Kyle came along. So I kinda wonder what happened there. Did they get married, or move in together? How did Payton’s mother react to their relation? Did their firm become a huge success, like J.D. thought it would? And what does J.D. stand for? That’s not revealed, is it?

  4. Nia says:

    Hello Julie, first thank you so much for the FBI/US attorneys series! I love all of the books and I am a tad sad that I am already through with About That Night. I hope there will be many more books to this series… Can you already say who will be the next hero / heroine? Will we hear about Rae and Sam Wilkins again *big please*?
    Best, Nia

  5. Kristi says:

    Thanks for connecting the dots with Scott Casey, Sanjana! I recognized his name immediately and knew he was a character in JTSMA, but I couldn’t come up with who he was exactly. And I didn’t want to leave ATN to “research” it. 🙂

    Julie, I really truly loved the book. One of my favorite parts was when Sam met Rae at Starbucks, not Cade. That was so refreshingly unexpected! I also loved reading all the chapters of Kyle’s interactions with his family. It was fun to hear Jordan’s voice again, albeit from a totally different perspective than ALLL (the protective sister). And Grey… Oh, my heart just ACHED for him! Will he get a HEA update in the next book??

    I also have a general question: I’ve noticed that the bedroom scenes have gotten progressively more explicit with each book. Is that due to a request from the publisher? Reader preference? Or are you not consciously doing this and feel everything you write (including these scenes) is purely story/character driven?

    Lastly, J.D. is still one of my all-time fav heroes. So I’m all over Sanjana’s question, too: What does his initials stand for????

  6. Janet L. says:

    Wow! Sanjana is good. Great catch on the Scott Casey name, and really good questions.

    JJ has already said that the next book is going to be another FBI/US attorney’s office match-up. My hunch is that it’s Rylann’s good Starbuck’s buddy, Cade, and a female FBI agent. Oh…wait. M/M romances have gotten so popular lately, could it be Cade and a male FBI agent? Are you going in that direction Ms. James?
    (Just personal preference, but I hope not.)

    Who do y’all think the next h/h will be?

  7. Sanjana says:

    Good to know I am not alone with J.D. thing, Kristi. Actually all of the heroes of all her books are my favourite. So my favourite book is more picked on whether I connect with the heroine. hich is why PMP was my favourite, until ATN came out. But I think I have fourite hero now, as well. Because Kyle was so perfect. The best point in the book was the migraine incident. He brings her coffee, shares the triumphs of the day, gives her a massage, and tucks her in. I mean, WOW! What more could a girl ask for from a guy?

  8. Sanjana says:

    Thanks Janet. 🙂 And if I had to bet it’s definitely Cade and maybe a new heroine. Maybe Wilkins and Rae will have a side-along story. (Hopefully. That way we’ll get two stories in one. And wouldn’t we fans love that? 🙂 )
    But the question is whether, the heroine will be a FBI agent or not? Maybe (and I am taking a wild guess) it could be the red-haired barmaid undercover agent from ALLL. I don’t think her name was mentioned.

  9. Kristi says:

    Sanjana: You and I have the same brain! That was the EXACT SAME SCENE in ATN that I fell in love with Kyle. I even sent Julie a tweet about it right after I read it.

    PMP was my favorite JJ book before ATN. I just loved the relationship and banter of J.D. and Payton. But Kyle… He’s the consummate romantic. That first date?? Wow!

    I can’t join in on the “who’s the next hero/heroine” discussion because I actually know who the hero will be. Julie replied to a message I sent her a couple months back, giving me a vague (at the time) hint based on a topic we were already discussing. Given that hint and some other things I’ve seen/read, I am 100% certain I know who the hero is in the next book. But until Julie herself confirms it, I’m keeping my lips sealed. (I refuse to be a spoiler.) 🙂

  10. Kristi says:

    Sanjana: Also, I like your thinking about the red-haired undercover agent from ALLL! I don’t think we get her first name, but I’m pretty certain her last name (as in Agent ____) is mentioned.

    Janet L: Are you the brilliant person who suggested to Julie to start up this discussion blog? If so, THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

  11. Janet L. says:

    LOL Kristi – I’m not too sure about the brilliant part, but yes, I did ask Julie about a place to discuss the book. So, you’re welcome. 🙂

    Both of you have far better retention than I do. I can’t bring to mind all of those secondary characters and incidences that y’all do!

    I’m basing my guess on the h/h in the next book being Cade and a female FBI agent based on two things Julie has said: That we’ve already met the hero (I don’t think she specifically said it was in this book, but with my sieve-type memory, that’s possible), and that it was another FBI/US attorney book. That’s all I know about it. So Kristi, you’re lucky!

  12. Julie says:

    @Sanjana: I’ve kicked around the idea of doing a book for Tyler, J.D.’s best friend in PMP. And I’m still not saying no, but the right story for him just hasn’t grabbed me yet. But you can assume that Payton and J.D. are still happily together. As for what J.D. stands for… I’ve never said. An author has to have some secrets. : )

  13. Julie says:

    @Nia: Thank you! Yes– there will be more books in the FBI/U.S. Attorney series. In fact, my next book, which I’m writing now, will be part of the series. I haven’t said yet who the hero and heroine are, although as you can see from the other comments, people are speculating… : )

  14. Julie says:

    @Kristi: I don’t know if we’ll see Grey again… but you can assume (since he’s so protective of his kids, grown as they are) that he is very, very content to see his only daughter in a relationship with a man who carries a gun and has the entire Chicago FBI at his disposal, and his ex-con of a son involved with a criminal prosecutor who will keep him in line from now on. : )

    As for the bedroom scenes: nope, my publisher hasn’t made any suggestions on that front. I will say that the very first question I asked my two beta readers, and my editor, was, “Is the book too hot?” To which all three said NO. LOL. Actually, I had thought going in that ATN was going to be more PG-13, but then, well… Kyle kind of turned out to be dirty talker. And so I just went with it.

  15. Wendy W says:

    I am inclined to think it will be Cade and a female FBI agent. I had forgotten about the agent from ALLL, but I remember wandering at the time would she show up again. I like the fact that Rylann was in a business suit on the cover. And a year is such a long time to wait.

  16. Sanjana says:

    Kristi: Same brain or heart? 🙂 But didn’t you get a crush on him from the first chapter itself, where he justified walking Rylann home because he had a sister and he would kick any guy’s ass if he didn’t walk her home? And the shirt thing? I mean, seriously, where exactly do you find men like that? Can I pre-order one?

    Janet: A HUGE THANK YOU for this idea. 🙂 🙂

  17. Julie says:

    @Janet: These guesses are cracking me up. But keep in mind: Cade is an Assistant U.S. Attorney. So, IF the next book was his–although I’m neither nor denying that at this point–there wouldn’t need to be an FBI agent, because Cade’s job alone puts us in that world. Just like ATN, where Rylann is an AUSA and Kyle has a job entirely separate from that world.

  18. Sanjana says:

    Kristi: Wasn’t ALLL steamier than ATN? That’s what I thought. You know with the bath and the wine and… ATN wasn’t very explicit, actually. Reminded me of SAY in a way.

  19. Julie says:

    Welcome, Wendy! Glad you liked the suit on the cover, since that was my idea. : ) I’d specifically asked Berkley to put the heroine in a suit this time because I wasn’t planning any scenes where Rylann would wearing a fancy like on the covers of SAY and ALLL.

    And I agree with everyone that Janet’s idea for a discussion blog was great!

  20. Sanjana says:

    Julie, Is it just me, or is “Enough said.” your catch phrase? Because it’s there in all the FBI/US Attorney books. Just a little thing I noticed.

  21. Wendy W says:

    Absolutely love Kyle as a hero!!!!!! Different from Jack and Nick. I think that’s what I like about him. I noticed that Rylann was from San Fran. After Chicago maybe you’ll consider that a future setting for a book.

  22. Paige says:

    Hi Julie! I know lots of people have asked if Wilkins, Huxley, or Tyler will get books. Have you thought about a novella for them?
    And I know you haven’t said much about the next book BUT can you tell us if we have met both the H/h or just one of them? Thanks and Happy Easter!

  23. Julie says:

    @Paige: I have, actually. Berkley has approached me about doing an anthology (with other authors) in which I could write a novella about one of those characters. That’s not something I’m doing right now (because I’m working away at my next book), but that’s a definite possibility down the road.

    As for your other question… no hints yet on that front. : )

  24. Janet L. says:

    Ahhhh…you’re so right Kemo Sabe. The heroine doesn’t necessarily have to be an FBI agent. I had put the hint way too literal in my mind.
    I’m still so sure it’s Cade, and I think Sanjana and Kristi are really on to something with the red-headed FBI agent undercover bartender.

    If y’all don’t quit giving me kudos for suggesting this discussion area, it’s going to go to my head. And that’s a dangerous place to be. 😉 I’m really enjoying it, and glad so many are taking part.

  25. Kristi says:

    Sanjana: Maybe both (brain and heart). 😉 Although I liked Kyle at the beginning of the book–my favorite part being when he told Rylann the REAL reason why he approached her at the bar–I didn’t fully swoon until the migraine scene. And then I all-out grinned like a fool during their first date. In fact, my husband caught me and asked what I was smiling about!

    As far as the “steamy” factor goes, I still think this book was hotter than earlier ones. At least, we read more about their “doings” than I recall in other JJ books. It definitely works in ATN and didn’t bother me at all. But I’m always curious about the process behind the writing and have wondered if authors are asked/pressured to add more heat to their romances or allowed/able to do what they personally feel works within the character/story. (Thanks for the answer, BTW Julie.)

    Janet L: The red-headed undercover agent idea was all Sanjana… I can’t take any credit for that one. But I definitely think it’s an intriguing possibility!

  26. Lisa says:

    I too am enjoying the Hotter Sex scenes, but would read JJ even if she had closed bedroom door scenes.

    I am also going to say that Cade Morgan would make a wonderful next hero and I know whatever heroine Julie decides to put with him, will be one who might just knock him down a peg.

    And Just for the record, Jack Pallas will always be my favorite, but Julie is writing some stiff competition, no pun intended!! hee hee

  27. Lisa says:

    I was very unsure about how Rylann was going to show Kyle that he means just as much to her as her career, but the flannel shirt was like icing on this amazing book!

    And one of my most memorable scenes, not even the stemiest, but the one that sticks in my mind is the club scene in SAU. Who doesn’t love a smokin hot make-out/groping scene in a dark office?

  28. Janet L. says:

    Lisa, Jack Pallas is my favorite, too. I was so glad to see him show up in ATN, all gruff and intense. Yum.

    Julie; About the scene I had mentioned on your FB page that I was waiting for and you didn’t do it. The first time Kyle and Rylann were going to hook up, and he went down from the VIP section at Firelight telling her he’d meet her down there, I was afraid that Daniela would be draped over him when Rylann came down, causing conflict. When she wasn’t, I knew we weren’t home free, and was afraid D. would be at his penthouse. When that didn’t happen, I was so glad! It’s so common in romance novels to postpone the anticipation by something like that. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have minded so much if D. had shown up latter in the book to cause a little friction (but nope, it was Jon), just not the first time.
    I hate romance novels that the story is driven by misunderstandings and misconceptions and consider those wall-bangers. There used to be so many like that.
    I should have known you wouldn’t do that to us and resort to those boring tricks. That’s why I love your writing style.

  29. Rahab M says:

    Just had to join in to add my guess on who the next hero is. I don’t know why most of you are saying its Cade!Personally I want it to be Agent Wilkins!oohhh he would just be perfect!!So am just going to cross my fingers and pretend its him:)

  30. Wendy W says:

    Loving all these reminders of why I love the books so much.I had planned to reread the previous 4 books again later this summer.(I am a teacher.) But I don’t think I can wait until summer. I think I’ll start rereading this weekend!!!!!!

  31. Kristi says:

    Lisa: I’m totally with you! Love the hotter stuff, but I’d still read JJ if all of the characters wore suits of armor the entire book. Most of my favorite rom-com movies are ones where the last scene (or next to last scene) is where they FINALLY kiss! If done right, I think that is more satisfying than anything else.

    I can’t pick a favorite JJ hero. It’s like asking which of my kids I love the best. I have a top 3, but that’s kind of pathetic since she’s only written 5 books!

  32. Sharon A. Redfern says:

    Iam loving this blog and talking about all of the older books is making me want to re-read them all. My kids are all at the in-laws for Easter so I think the Easter bunny is going to bring me the time to read all weekend and have a JJ marathon. Starting now! YAY!!!!

    BTW I loved ATN- Kyle is definitely the guy we all wish we had.

  33. Twinkle says:

    soo great to meet everyone here, just what i needed after ATN’s high.

    Just want to share, i conciously started reading really really slow when i noticed i was already at chapter 31 (not wanting the book to end just yet) but suddenly i found myself at chapter 35 and i have to check for every chapters in between to make sure i didn’t miss anything. That’s how great of a book this one is.

    Julie you are the new definition of witty. I like how you give nicknames to your characters. I just love the interaction between Smug Dimples and Tall, dark and Sarcastic 🙂 and also how Jordan didn’t lose her spark, unlike what usually happens when the previous H or h appears in the next book.

    btw, i also think Cade’s going to be our next H or more like i want him to be the next H.

  34. Sanjana says:

    Kristi: I was reading the first date scene, curled up on my couch, and I actually went ‘awww’, and both my mother and sister both turned to look at me, with expressions that said “Have you finally lost it?” (LOL).

    As far as the bedroom scenes go, I found ALLL the hottest, but like you said, I would read JJ’s books, even if both characters did not do anything at all. Remember JTSMA, where Donavan becomes the naughty lawyer only at the end. 😉

    Janet: I don’t think I am right about the barmaid agent, because like JJ pointed out if Cade is the hero then there could be a completely new heroine. And we can be pretty sure that it’s Cade, right? What with her innocently looking around thing. 🙂

  35. Sanjana says:

    Janet: You know I read that comment on the FB page and I was also wondering about that. As a matter of fact, I felt the Jon scene could get both of them in trouble. There are so many romance novels where the ex-boyfriend comes to the heroine, and even though she says no, the hero overhears the wrong part of the conversation and makes his own assumptions. That was the point where I was like, ‘No way, Julie can’t do this.’ And she didn’t. I loved the way he turns up and gets her out. And then they do have a fight, but it’s because of their own problems and not some stupid misunderstanding.

  36. Sanjana says:

    And this a request for all Julie’s fans. Since you loved her books, and I love them too, it can be safe to assume that we have similar tastes. So could you suggest some other contemporary romance novels that are fun and witty? I have got holidays for a month and seem to be getting bored. So it would be fun to read something else.

  37. Rosalie says:

    Hi Julie. I Loved Loved Loved ATN!!! I think this is the best book yet. As an alum of Illinois, I was at school when Clybourne opened and was very nostalgic while reading the opening. I also lived in Lakwview and am very familiar with Roscoe Village and worked downtown and now exactly where the Starbucks is. There arent enough Chicago romances ;). Have you thought of a book for Dex (who reminds me of Billy Dec)? Granted he is not an attorney or FBI…but could be interesting.

  38. Moran Videletz says:

    I loved About That Night and I was just thinking I need to re-read a few chapters again LOL
    I really hope you’ll be kind enough and give us a few more hints about the next book- pretty pleas 🙂

  39. Wendy W says:

    Sanjana check out these books. Hope you enjoy!!

    Sherrill Bodine Talk of the Town, A Black Tie Affair, and All I Want Is You

    Suzanne Enoch—-Flirting With Danger, Don’t Look Down,,Billionaires Prefer Blondes, and A Touch of Minx.
    These 4 have the same hero/heroine. I really, really, enjoyed this series and unfortunately she does not write this series anymore.

  40. Twinkle says:

    Sanjana check out Rachel Gibson’s See jane Score, Truly Madly Yours and Simply Irresistible.

    this ones premise is like Practice Makes Perfect —> Can’t Get enough by Sarah Mayberry.

    If you ever want to try YA, Simone Elkeles h/H has perfect chemistry in ‘Perfect Chemistry’


  41. Betty R says:

    As a Champaign resident, I just loved ATN. We do love our cornfields here as well! Please keep writing- you have a unique voice and all your books have been terrific. As others stated, it’s time to re-read them all to reacquaint with all the characters. Thank you for the blog.

  42. Lori G says:

    I LOVE your books! I stumbled upon them recently and did a little research about you (Julie) because im always interested in the authors i like to read as well…..only to discover you graduated from the U of I ! So cool since i work there at McKinley Health Center Rx in good ole Chambana! Love this fact and that your books are set here in Illinois! We dont get a lot of ‘good press’ it seems- so a little notoriety down here in the cornfields is a good thing! ATN was a wonderful addition to my nook book shelf and i thank you for that. I thoroughly enjoyed every sentence, paragraph,and page! I liked all the interactions of the charachters and making them ‘wait’ to be together was killing me! Lol……I’m just sad that i have no more Julie James books to read for now (like others i have read them all) but am lookng forward to your next novel! I will have to join the ranks of the re-readers and i have a feeling i will enjoy them immensely – once again!

  43. Bria says:

    Soliciting others’ opinions: Is Rylann the first woman Kyle is with after his release from prison or does he hook up with Selene at his impromptu party? The clever Ms. James has purposefully left it vague letting my imagination fill in the blanks. I am curious to hear others’ conclusions and learn if if it colors your opinion of Kyle in any way (bad or good).

    Gushes ATN:
    –love the emotional depth and characterization
    — spicier love scenes totally in keeping with the characters personalities, especially Kyles’s
    — scenes with family/friends, guys bonding added to the well-rounded, realistic portrayal of the h/h

  44. Lauri says:

    I just recently have discovered JJ books and have read all of them at least twice. I think that my favorite is Nick. I have to tell you that I am LOVING getting to visit our old friends (Jordan, Nick, Cameron and Jack)…I love the feeling that I’m catching up with them. I would love to see Sam as the lead, but will be happy with whomever. Btw, loving reading Kyle…his dirty talk is HOT!

  45. Wendy W says:

    Started the re-read on ATN. Wonder if Shane is the next hero. Great fun to speculate!!!!Cant wait to finish it all over again. Went on the internet to take a look at Kyles car SLS–AMG???? Whichever Mercedes, that’s a BAAAAAAD car

  46. Kristi says:

    Twinkle: I did the exact same oh-no-I’m-almost-to-the-end slow down thing as you, LOL! And I, too, loved how Nick and Jordan had substance to their ATN scenes with Kyle, rather than the brief mention that typically happens in series.

    Sanjana: Try Elle Lothlorien’s “The Frog Prince” and Jill Shalvis’s Lucky Harbor Series.

    Bria (love your name!): My first reaction was that Kyle definitely hooked up with Selene, which I think Julie intended the way it was written. However, later she has Rylann consciously thinking about whether or not he’s been with someone else first, and then he makes a comment to Rylann about not teasing a man who’s been locked up in prison for four months. So then I figured nope, he must have resisted. But either way, it wouldn’t have mattered to me, because the Selene moment happened BEFORE his court date and seeing Rylann for the first time in 9 years. If it had happened AFTER that point, maybe I’d feel differently towards him but it would really depend on when.

    Lauri: I love Nick, too. Everyone seems hot for Jack, but Nick was my fav of the FBI/US Attorney series (LOVE how he called Jordan “Rhodes”) until Smug Dimples came along. Now I’m not even trying to pick favorites anymore… 🙂

    Wendy’s last comment on Kyle’s car made me wonder about the amazing cars in all of JJ’s books. So here’s a question for Julie: Are you a luxury car lover?

  47. M_Auburn says:

    I can not express how much I love love love this book. Mainly because it is so well written and because Kyle is a wonderful character. I loved him in Jordan’s story – he wasn’t a main character there, but he was so three-dimensional that I found myself waiting for his story with bated breath. Perhaps my favorite…okay, one of my favorite things about the book was the flashback in the beginning. It just shows the depth of Ms. James’ genius to have a plot so rich…It’s a good thing everyone here has read the book already and understands my gushing. Otherwise, I’d probably be considered pretty annoying right now.

  48. Carol says:

    Hi Ladies,

    Love all the speculation on the next H and H. My favorite scene was the one at Starbucks with Sam and Rae. I really hope we get an update in the next book about them. So cute.

  49. Mel S. says:

    Hello everyone!
    I just wanted to post my own two cents on this book. I was eagerly and not so patiently waiting for it and had it preordered on my iBooks which I rarely do. I stayed up all night to finish it and instantly regretted it the second I turned the last page. I really love Julie James’ books and the way she writes. I especially love that all her settings are real and as a former Midwesterner and law school grad., I also love that sense of familiarity in her books. I love how former characters pop in later books – for example, learning that Cameron and Jack are getting married. There aren’t too many authors who make me breathless with anticipation over their books but you sure are one of them, Julie! My only request – write faster!! 🙂

  50. Janet L. says:

    I love reading everyone’s comments and the differing ideas/opinions.

    Like Kristi, I can’t hardly pick a favorite hero anymore. I know I said earlier in the thread that Jack is my favorite. I do like them dark and brooding, but as I was reminded of the others, I was like …oh yeah, I liked him, too. 🙂

    Sanjana:Well shoot, I thought your red-haired agent was spot on. Even though Julie clarified that the h/h were only in the world of the FBI/US attorney’s office, I’m, so sure it’s
    Cade and an FBI agent. I guess we’ll see.

  51. Kristen says:

    After much anticipation—really, a whole year!? ;)—I just finished ATN. Yes, I waited a week…life happens. I was not disappointed! I loved Rylann and Kyle’s story.

    I think one of the things that I appreciate about Julie James’ writing is her ability to write strong, but likeable female leads. They are their own women–successful, capable, smart, but sassy, snarky, and kick-ass (without being annoyingly unfeminine). I wish more authors wrote women who appreciate the men in their lives and love those men, but aren’t defined by them and their relationships. It’s also nice to see a woman “screw” up a relationship once in a while and set her pride down and ask for forgiveness..we do make mistakes from time to time! Thanks for giving us a fresh voice for women’s fiction!

  52. Julie says:

    @Wendy and Kristi: the Mercedes SLS AMG is something, no doubt. : ) Those doors are just too cool. I tried to post a picture but couldn’t figure out how to do it in a comment, so I posted a new blog with photos. People can check that out here.

  53. Vi Dao says:

    Please write about Dex, the only friend to visit Kyle in prison. That unwavering loyalty deserves a reward of a cool, kick-ass heroine!

  54. Wendy W says:

    I love the fact that Rylann was impressed by the car. I don’t how you couldn’t be. Wander if Kyle would let her drive it? But since he wants to spoil her, I think he should buy her one.

  55. Lauri says:

    Kristi…speaking to your car comment (and I realize that this is a comment for ALLL)…when Jordan and Nick are in Napa and pull into the parking lot I could not help but hope they were running into Jason and Taylor since there was an Aston Martin.

    I just have to say that I am very thankful to get to discuss this book with other people who love JJ…I think I’m driving my friends and family crazy.

  56. Kristi says:

    Lauri: Ditto and DITTO!! 🙂 Maybe you and I should petition for a place to discuss ALLL and all things Nick. Are you on Twitter? Julie posted a pic today of the guy she’d cast to play Nick in a movie version of the book. Unbelievably, he’s even hotter than what I imagined…

  57. Renee says:

    First of all, I love JJ’s books and, like everyone else here, have read them all multiple times. They definitely have that old movie snappy, wittiness to them. They’re great reads, and I always try to recommend them to other romance readers.

    First, my favorite of her novels is actually Practice Makes Perfect. I LOVE the love/hate between the h/h. There’s just so much building tension between them–it’s delicious. And their growing respect for each other is so sweet. It’s more subtle, but the banter between the two of them makes the book even more sexy, imo. The whole book plays out like a movie in my head every time I read it. Hollywood NEEDS to make it into a romantic comedy.

    As for Selene, I decided that Kyle didn’t sleep with her. I don’t have any logical reasons beyond the fact that I wanted his first time with Rylann to be his first time with anyone since before prison. So, I’m glad she left that open.

    As for other contemporary romance recommendations, my favorites are Kristan Higgins, Jane Graves, Rachel Gibson, Jill Shalvis, and SEP.

    Love all the discussion here!

  58. Lauri says:

    Kristi…you are so right about the picture of “Nick”…HOT, HOT, HOT.
    I have to admit that I had to look up Josh Holloway and I wish I would have left Kyle in my imagination, BUT that pic did NOT disappoint.

  59. Ruth says:

    I just discovered your books last week and I read four of them!! Loved About that Night, real characters with real faults. I really understand Rylann’s reluctance due to her career. Thanks!!

  60. Jill says:

    Loved ATN and put me in the group who wants Dex to have a book. If anyone is looking for books to read you can try Kathleen brooks. Her first book in her bluegrass series is free right now at bn.com nook books. If you read it let me know how u liked it.
    Is it spring 2013 yet. LOL

  61. Kim says:

    I’m almost finished with the book and I’m really enjoying it. Two of may favorite scenes so far are Kyle taking care of Rylann’s migraine and the Starbuck’s encounter between Rylann, Rae and Wilkins.

    I have a quick question though: Since Twitter figures so prominently in the plot and companies are so litigious, did you have to get any sort of permission from Twitter?

  62. Kim says:

    I finished the book and it was terrific. All the characters were interesting.

    As for the hero of the next book, my guess is that it’s not Wilkins. I think Wilkins will remain a secondary character. So that leaves Cade, Dex or Jon.

    I’ve eliminated Jon because he’s already dated a US Attorney and it’s too coincidental that he’d meet another one. While Dex could easily meet an FBI agent/US attorney through Kyle and the nightclub is a good backdrop for crime, I’m still leaning towards Cade. Cade’s been in two books and I think it’s his turn to step up to the plate.

  63. Julie says:

    @Kim: I didn’t need to get any permission from Twitter since it’s fiction. I did, however, change the name of the CEO.

    Interesting tidbit: I googled the Twitter offices and someone had gone on a tour there and taken photographs, so the way the offices are described in the book is really close to reality. Right down to the “Home Tweet Home” throw pillows.

  64. Julie says:

    @Janet: we talked on Facebook, but I thought I’d respond to your comment here, too, so that others can see:

    I thought maybe for a half-second about having Daniela show up somewhere in the book, and then immediately discarded the idea. After doing what she did to Kyle, she doesn’t get to be in the book. : )

  65. Julie says:

    @Rosalie Sure, Dex could be a contender for future next hero. But there are several contenders. : ) And I’m so glad you enjoyed both the Champaign and Chicago locations!

    @Betty R and Lori G: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the Champaign locations, too!

    @Vi Dao and Jill: I agree–Dex was a good friend. And the nightclub/bar scene could set up well with an FBI/US Attorney plot… : )

  66. Wendy W says:

    While visiting my local used bookstore yesterday I received this fabulous bookmark. On the front was the cover for ATN and on back were the four previous JJ books. Of course I needed 2 just in case something were to happen to the first.

  67. Lauri says:

    Jan, yes there is a Portillos. While I have only been to the Vernon Hills (north of Chicago by about an hour) location, I can say (even in the short time I’ve lived in the Midwest now) that it is really good and the food choices and bags are just as Julie describes.

    Julie- I have a request (lol) can you mention a Jason Andrews wedding in the next book? He’s a big enough celebrity that it would be noteworthy no matter who the main character is. (feel free to shake your head in disbelief -lol).

  68. Anna says:

    Julie, I am hooked on your books. You write them so well. Just finished reading ATN and it was a delight. Your FBI series is awesome. These days I am really into spy thrillers, suspense stuff packed with a good dose of romance, and your books deliver just that. I also love the doses comedy in your stories which makes me laugh out loud! My favorite of the FBI series is of course, Something About You. Love Jack Pallas! He is such a hottie, or “Agent Hottie” should I say. Cameron is one lucky gal!

    I also loved Practice Makes Perfect, and now I am about to sink my teeth into Just the Sexiest Man Alive. And of course I can’t wait for your next book in the FBI series. Like other readers I am also hoping that the hero will be Cade Morgan and heroine the redhead female FBI agent from ALL. It’s about time we get to see a chick carry a gun and kick some serious butt.

    Good luck and take care!

  69. Anna says:

    Sanjana: you asked for some recommendations similar to Julie James’ books. I think I am really late to this discussion but I will put my two cents in as well for what it’s worth. Try Julie Ortolon’s books. Another Julie that I am a huge fan of. Her Pearl Island Trilogy is awesome, and her first book “Drive Me Wild” is pretty darn good too, and did I mention scorching hot! LOL

  70. Jan says:

    Thank You for all of the extra book recommendations as well as these great discussions on J.J.’s Books. I love them all
    and reread them frequently.Will we all be able to wait a whole year. I think not!!

  71. Honey says:

    HI Julie…i loved all your books but I was a bit disappointed in ATN coz seeing Kyle’s character in ALLL really made me laugh out loud(enough to scare my sister once ;P) but ATN kinda toned his humor down…I still love ALLL best…

  72. Lauri says:

    Jan…glad to hear that I’m not the only one who re-reads the books. I bought the FBI series for a friend of mine so that I have someone else to share them.

  73. Anna says:

    OMG I just saw this pic on Julies twitter page: http://twitter.com/#!/juljames/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftwitpic.com%2F8doxig
    That’s actor Matt Bomer as Neil Cafferey on the show Blue Collar. I am addicted to this show these days, it’s available for instant play on Netflix. I have such a huge crush on Neil. He’s supposed to be an ex-con who is now working with the FBI to catch some white collar criminals, complete with tracking anklet and everything (kinda like Kyle Rhodes LOL). He also dresses impeccably, has a killer smile and most deliciously mesmerizing blue eyes, and is such a ladies’ man. yummy.

    If Julie is using him as inspiration for her next hero, I simply CAN’T WAIT to read that book. yum-my.

  74. Lynn says:

    I love all Julie’s books and always sit in anticipation waiting for the next book to come out. I think her books just keep getting better. I love that the last books have all had reoccurring characters. I have to agree with those of you who said Jack is your favorite! I think if I had to pick SAU would be my favorite of her books. I don’t know who will be the hero of the next book but I’m leaning towards Cade…I do know it is going to be a long year of waiting for it to come out 😉

    And I know I am late to the discussion but I don’t think anyone mentioned Kristin Higgins when suggesting other authors but her books are amazing and would be a great choice for anyone who loves Julie James and needs some new reading material for the long wait between new books!

  75. Suzi says:

    TOTALLY JUST FOUND THIS PAGE….and then read every single comment paha!
    I think this is the point I go crazy fan on you….soooo….AHHHHH I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN!
    Definately my favourate book in this series so far. Admitidly my favourate overall is JTSMA, that book for reasons unknown to myself is gripping and PMP is amazing too.

    The more I’ve reread these books, the more I love them. I would say I’d like the next male lead to be a little less playboy, because it became a bit ‘commintment this and that’ with Kyle, Nick and Jack. I like some people above don’t want Kyle to have slept with Selene, but REALLY don’t want to know if he has. Cade definately seems different in this sense and would be a refreshing lead – my money is on him in regards to who the next lead should be!
    Otherwise Kyle’s sarcasm rivals a Brits’ (being one myself I can say that) and the dirty talk is like WHOOAAAAAA.
    Rylann reminds me way too much about myself and I think that’s what I love most about this book. The characters and their friends are just so believable. Definately want a Rae-Sam backstory in the next book!
    Ahhhhh your books are just ridiculously awesome Julie!!!

  76. Carolynn says:

    Ok sooooo I was out of the country when ATN came out and hadn’t had a chance to pick it up so AS SOON as I got back from Dubai it was on my to do list. Jat lagged and all I finished the book in a day and a half! It was hands down my fav out of all of the series. Kyle… can we say SWOON!!… OMG! Where to begin?? Love his cocky/confident attitude. Yet he still is so down to earth being rich and all…lol.. caring, loving and my fav SARCASTIC! Love the chemistry between Ry and him. Most of all loved how they are with each other. Reminds me so much of my boo and I…loved it!

    As for the next book… I would sooooo love to see how Rae and Sam end up! I have honestly been wanting to read about Sam since ALLL. I was fist pumping the air when Rae bumped into him at Starbuck’s and not Cade. (Not saying that Cade won’t be a good one cuz lets face it they ALL are…lol) Soooooo Julie I CANNOT wait til the next book. Thanks for the addiction!! 🙂

  77. Justine says:

    SAU has an AUSA heroine and FBI agent hero, so the H/H in the fourth book could work for the USA office and FBI. Their occupations don’t necessarily need to be either/or (like in ALLL and ATN) as Julie has hinted.

    I glommed all of the FBI/USA series this week, and now Julie James is on my auto-read list. I really enjoyed how I learned about wine in ALLL and about network security in ATN.

    Reading ATN has motivated me to change my online passwords. I just need to come up with some options! Julie, I hope it’s okay that I’m excerpting Kyle’s password tips in this post. If not, just delete the excerpt. Seriously, y’all, go change your passwords!

    “Listen and learn: you need fourteen characters, minimum. Use random letters, not words. Here’s a tip: think of a sentence, and use the first letter in each of those words. Mix it up between upper and lower case. Then pick two numbers that mean something to you — not dates — and stick them somewhere between the letters. Put a punctuation mark at the beginning of the passowrd and then a symbol, like a dollar sign, at the end.”

  78. Jessica says:

    I can keep hoping there will be some news that a sequel for PMP Is in the making. I know it’s been like 6 years since the release but I can’t help but want to know more about them. I’ve read every single one of your books and loved all of them but PMP is the best. You really created a modern P&P. Plus, I think there’s a story still left in them, even if it’s just a short novella. I think that even if they are together and in love, they will still want to one up each other, they have some beliefs that are conflicting, so it will be nice to see how the balance those differences living together on a day to day. How does Payton adjust to being rich, did she reluctantly join the ranks, and more importantly how do the two families come together. That scene when the parent meet is quite funny. JD also has to learn to build a new relationship with his dad, one where he’s not trying to prove himself and owns who he is. And it might be cool to meet Payton father, as well. Also, how would Payton and JD co-parent a child? The lawsuit they were managing was a multi-year deal so on the work front there’s also stuff to work with. In summary, they still have a lot of potential for another runway hit. Please revisit them, I can imagine them but it’s not the same as reading the great banter you write for those character!

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