Hello all!

Yes, indeed. It is time.  A LOT LIKE LOVE made it to the sweet sixteen round of the DA BWAHA tournament of romance novels and is up again for the vote now.  I would love to have your vote.  Heck, I’m going to need it. I’m up against some seriously tough competition, the No. 1 seed in my bracket. (Yours to Keep by Shannon Stacey).

So. . . if you have five seconds, I would love for you to go to the DA BWAHA poll and vote for A LOT LIKE LOVE.  There’s no registration or email address required, international voters are welcome, and all it takes is two clicks.  It’s that easy. Voting goes until 12pm (noon) CST on Friday, March 23rd.

Thanks to all of you! Let’s get A LOT LIKE LOVE into the next round!

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