Mark Your Calendars…

Because DA BWAHA time is almost upon us, folks!

Tomorrow I’m going to need your help. . . A LOT LIKE LOVE will have its first match up in the DA BWAHA March Madness tournament of romance novels.  I’m up against Shiloh Walker’s If You Hear Her, and that is one tough match-up.

Remember, everyone and anyone can vote. International voters are welcome, and you don’t need to have filled out a bracket or even know anything about this whole darn DA BWAHA thing. All you need is access to the internet (phone, iPad, computer, all of the above) and a desire to see A LOT LIKE LOVE advance in this competition.  Or maybe you’re taking pity on me and would hate to see my book get knocked out in the first round. I’ll take it!

We even have a name– Team Love.  So join Team Love and get set to vote tomorrow, March 16th, from Noon – 11:59 pm CST.

In the meantime, if you have already, be sure to drop by my giveaway (the post below) and enter to win a $25 Amazon/Barnes & Noble gift card or one of five copies of A Lot Like Love.

Until tomorrow, everyone!


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