Voting Time!

So Something About You advanced to the Elite Eight round of DABWAHA (whoo-hoo!) and it’s time to vote again! Looks like the competition is fierce (again), so if all of you have five seconds to spare and would like to support Something About You, you can vote for the book at:

Voting runs until 10pm (CST). And if you’re so inclined, spread the word.  Let’s get to the Final Four!

7 thoughts on “Voting Time!

  1. Steve says:

    It’s too bad you have to purchase votes with giveaways and encourage people to vote multiple times. I think an author would prefer their work stand on its own merit.

  2. Slush (Landra Graf) says:

    Julie congrats on moving forward! Yeehaw! Dabwaha is a great chance to strut some stuff.

    Steve- the funny thing is the bribes are not needed b/c the work stands on it’s own. I already bought all of Julie’s books and would vote for her regardless. Love delving into a lil romance from the JJ.
    The bribes are just some added fun. You know fun right?

  3. kristal1122 says:

    Love DABWAHA and that vote-mongering encourages reading! Also loved Something About You. I won a copy last year and passed it on to friends who then bought a copy.

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