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So 99.9% of you got a perfect copy of A Lot Like Love but, unfortunately, one small batch of books that went to Amazon was missing pages 54-87.  I’m told that Berkley has solved the problem and that all books going out from this point have been checked and are in perfect condition.

But I’d like to extend my sincerest apologies to those few of you who pre-ordered the book from Amazon and received one of the defective copies.  How frustrating! I know how cranky I get when I’m looking forward to watching a particular movie and then the DVD comes from Netflix and it’s scratched and unwatchable.  Grr.

So with that in mind… never fear! I’m posting the missing pages (the link below). It’s not a perfectly even break because my final copy of the book doesn’t match page-wise with the published version, so there’s about a half-page extra on both ends.  But the content is all there.

Hey, that’s some good stuff there on pages 55-86… I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out. : )

Here you go:

A Lot Like Love missing pages

5 thoughts on “Missing pages

  1. Simone Forrester says:

    Hi again Julie,
    Thanks for your empathy.
    Actually I sent you 2 emails. You see, my friend was looking through the book after I sent the first one about the missing pages and he noticed that, besides skipping from 54-87, pages 87-118 repeat. After the first set they appear again and then the book continues on normally and ends at page 274 followed by a preview of Just the Sexiest Man Alive. Sorry I didn’t notice it before. Does that make sense? Hopefully if they check for missing pages they’ll notice skipped one but I checked through the book after the first discovery and didn’t notice it so it’s possible that it could slip by.
    Thanks again, Simone

  2. JC says:


    Thank you for posting the missing pages. I bought my copy from Barnes & Noble and found it has missing pages late last night, just when I was really into it. I went back to B&N today and found every copy that store carries has the same bonding issue. B&N says it will order a good copy for me and notify me when it arrives. So it’s not just Amazon that got the bad copies.

    As the previous poster says, pages 55-86 are missing and pages 87-118 repeat. The book ends at 274. Is that the end? I also don’t understand why it has a preview of Just the Sexiest Man Alive, considering it’s already been published.

    Anyway, I’ll read the missing pages you posted and wait for my good copy. Thanks.

  3. Julie says:

    I’ll make sure to let Berkley know that a few of the bad copies went to Barnes & Noble as well. The good news is that Berkley has checked their inventory and pulled all remaining bad copies.

    Yes, A Lot Like Love ends at page 274. Berkley included an excerpt from Just the Sexiest Man Alive for anyone who hasn’t read it and might be interested in learning more about my books, and also because we didn’t have an excerpt of Kyle’s book ready at the time we went to print on A Lot Like Love.

  4. Jeanne says:

    In some of the comments at Amazon, there were complaints that the book was only 304 pages long. Considering the page duplications mentioned above, I thought to myself, “UH OH, What am I missing?” since my book ends at page 274. Truthfully, I enjoyed it so much that I wish it had ended at 304 pages. Will Nick and Jordan be making any appearances in Kyle’s book?

  5. Julie says:

    Hi Jeanne,

    Glad you enjoyed the book! Yes, the 304 pages includes the excerpt for JTSMA. And yep, Nick and Jordan will definitely be in Kyle’s book. : )

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