So about that corkscrew…

A handful of you have written me about an error in Love Irresistibly, and I’ve been planning to do a blog about the mistake for some time. But I wanted to wait until the book had been out for a while, so as not to distract the readers who wouldn’t have caught the mistake, but would’ve been pulled out of the reading experience thinking, “Oh, yeah, this is the thing Julie was talking about!”

In two scenes, Cade and Brooke drink champagne in her apartment, and they open the champagne bottle with a corkscrew. Except . . . you don’t open champagne with a corkscrew. You pop the cork out.


Here’s what happened: I’m a big wine drinker, but I very rarely drink champagne. So when I think of opening a bottle, I instinctively think of grabbing for a corkscrew. And that’s what I wrote. The funny part of the story is that the error made it past me, my editor, the copy editor, my managing error, and my two beta readers. The person who eventually caught it is Mr. Special Agent, the agent who I’ve consulted with on FBI-related questions for the series. He read an advanced review copy of Love Irresistibly in late January and, being the super-observant agent he is, noticed the error and emailed me about it.


Cue me, firing off a panicked email to my editor, asking whether we could fix the mistake.  Unfortunately, however, the book had already gone to print, so the corkscrew stayed.

So, bottom line: it’s a mistake. Apologies to all for my screw-up.

I think the lesson to be taken from this is that I clearly need to drink more champagne. : )




Missing pages

So 99.9% of you got a perfect copy of A Lot Like Love but, unfortunately, one small batch of books that went to Amazon was missing pages 54-87.  I’m told that Berkley has solved the problem and that all books going out from this point have been checked and are in perfect condition.

But I’d like to extend my sincerest apologies to those few of you who pre-ordered the book from Amazon and received one of the defective copies.  How frustrating! I know how cranky I get when I’m looking forward to watching a particular movie and then the DVD comes from Netflix and it’s scratched and unwatchable.  Grr.

So with that in mind… never fear! I’m posting the missing pages (the link below). It’s not a perfectly even break because my final copy of the book doesn’t match page-wise with the published version, so there’s about a half-page extra on both ends.  But the content is all there.

Hey, that’s some good stuff there on pages 55-86… I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out. : )

Here you go:

A Lot Like Love missing pages