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Please note: the contest is now closed. Winner will be announced shortly.

It’s almost here.  My upcoming book, A Lot Like Love, releases on March 1st. So to celebrate, it’s time to share the “Love”.

I’m giving away a grand prize of a $100 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble (at the winner’s choosing).  I’m also giving away second and third prizes of a signed copy of A Lot Like Love.  What do you have to do to enter, you ask?  It’s simple: spread the word about A Lot Like Love. Here are the details:

1.  Post somewhere letting people know about the upcoming release of A Lot Like Love.  Anywhere.  (I’m not fussy.)  You can talk about the book on your blog, your website, on Facebook, Twitter (my Twitter name is @juljames, for those of you who want to get extra-super bonus points for including that).  Don’t have a blog? Don’t tweet?  No problem–you can post a comment on somebody else’s website or blog, or even on a message board.

2.  Then, come back here and comment below with a link to wherever you’ve posted your qualifying blog/post/comment. This is important, as your comment below is your entry in the giveaway.

3.  Please make sure your link works!  If I can’t confirm you that you’ve posted/commented/blogged/whatever-ed about the book, you won’t be entered in the giveaway.

4.  To qualify, your blog/comment must be new (meaning it must be posted starting February 16th).

5.  For those of you who want to include details about A Lot Like Love in your post, the back cover copy can be found here and there’s an excerpt here.

6.  While I would love for each of you to spread the word about the release of A Lot Like Love far and wide with numerous posts, blogs, etc., in order to give everyone who promotes my book in some way an equal chance to win, I am limiting the giveaway to one entry per person.

7.  The contest is open until 10pm CST on February 27, 2011.  Everyone who correctly enters will be in the running for the $100 gift card and the second and third prizes of a signed book. Authors are eligible to win as well.  Winners will be chosen at random from among eligible entries.  The drawing will occur on February 28th.

Thanks, everyone, for helping me share the love for A Lot Like Love!

87 thoughts on “Share the “Love” Giveaway!

  1. Steffie says:

    That shouldn’t be too hard, since I’m waiting for this book DESPERATELY! *lol* Easy thing to do, telling others about my excitement! I can’t wait to have it in my hands!

    Is it possible to enter here as a German? I would love a signed copy of your book! And if not – is there another way for me (Germany) to get a signed copy?

    Best wishes [from a really big fan of your work]!

  2. Julie says:

    Steffie: Glad to hear you’re excited about the book!

    For this contest, I’m happy to send books internationally if someone outside the U.S. wins one. International winners are also eligible for the grand prize, but I have no clue if an Amazon, Borders or B&N gift card works internationally.

  3. Christine Brigden says:!/profile.php?id=646684399

    Christine Brigden via Julie James
    A Lot Like Love by Julie James is coming out March 1, 2011… I love everything this author has read… If you are looking for other books by this author her are a few of my favorites; Something About You ,Practice Makes Perfect and Just the Sexiest Man Alive.
    Julie James | Share the “Love” Giveaway!
    National bestselling author of contemporary romances.

  4. Holly says:

    I cannot wait to get “A Lot Like Love”, I already know I will not be disappointed. Your books are always enjoyable (the comments about George Clooney in Sexiest Man Alive had me laughing) and I appreciate all the time and effort you put into your work.

  5. CMD says:

    Woo hoo! This happens to be my first tweet, hehe… yes, I was past the tween age when the Twitter craze first started (I’m of the original Facebook generation :P), and then I just never got into it.

    I’ve had the book on preorder since the release date was announced. What? I need something to get me through those 10+-hours-a-day-seven-days-a-week-in-lab months of my Ph.D. But reading contemporary romance absolutely trumps my dissertation. If “ALLL” is anywhere near as hilarious as “PMP” & “SAY”, I’m going to get some really weird looks from my labmates come March 1st 🙂!/etherealfury/status/38037781028683776

    Two weeks is two weeks too long!

  6. Steffie says:

    I finally posted my “can’t wait to have it released”-post and – sure enough – had to mention “A lot like love”! I know it’s a German post, but I have that little google-translate button on top (right side). Please don’t pay too much attention to an exact google-translation (it’s quite laughable 😉 ) but I guess it will do, to know roughly what it’s about.

    I really can’t wait for the release!!!

    Best wishes from Germany!

  7. HistoricalRomancejJunkie Rita says:

    Tweeted about it here:

    I also do a monthly anticipated releases post on my blog and already have this book noted for March’s post. It goes live on the 1st of each month, so it won’t make the deadline to count as an entry- so I hope the tweet will.

    I alrady read the arc, but I’d love to enter to win the gift card so I can purchase ‘Just The Sexiest Man alive’ and ‘Something About You’. Then I’ll finally be all caught up with your books! Woot!
    And if I am drawn for second or third prize, I forfeit it to someone who hasn’t had the chance to read it. It’s such a wonderful read!

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