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Whew!  What a crazy week.  Lots of good news. . . my editor tells me that Something About You is selling very well in book stores and as an ebook.  Yay!  And she also informed me that Just the Sexiest Man Alive is going into its second printing! Hooray!

Speaking of fun stuff. . .  several people have asked me recently who I would cast in the lead roles of Something About You, if I could have my pick of all of Hollywood.

So let’s see. . . Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde, the heroine, was easy.  Easy because, truthfully, I had an actress in mind while writing her.  (The first time I’ve done that.)  I’m a big fan of the James Bond movie Casino Royale, and I love Eva Green’s character, Vesper Lynd.  Smart and tough, yet still very feminine–exactly how I see Cameron.  (Hey, I even borrowed the last name.)  So here’s what I picture Cameron looking like:

The hero, FBI Special Agent Jack Pallas, was harder to cast.  No actor seemed quite right. . . tall, dark, and sexy-dangerous.  And then of course there’s that facial scruff that is just so Jack.  But then I stumbled across this picture:

Yep, that pretty much works for me.  😉  (And yes, for those of you wondering, that is Gerard Butler.)

So how did I do?  Who would you cast in Something About You?  Let’s hear your suggestions for Cameron and Jack.  Ooh–and how about Collin and Wilkins? Hmm… I’ll have to give some thought to those two. . .

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13 thoughts on “Casting Something About You

  1. Kati says:

    Mmm, I love Gerry. He’s delicious. And I think Eva Green is just gorgeous. Great casting, Julie!

    Of course, like I’d EVER say if I didn’t like it. 😉

  2. jacabur1 says:

    Julie so far you have done well and since I would have to actually read the book before “casting” the characters am bowing out on that part of the assignment.

    jackie b central texas

  3. Judi L says:

    Ohh I thought about this over the weekend while reading Something About You. Here are my suggestions:

    Jack: Ryan Reynolds or Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost – needs a haircut, but he can keep the scruff)
    Cameron: I like your choice Julie or how about Kate Beckinsale?
    Wilkins: Zachary Levi(I love my nerdy superspy Chuck)
    Colin: Sean Hayes(Will and Grace)

  4. Stacy ~ says:

    I do like Eva Green, but I pictured someone more like Kate Beckinsale w/o the accent. And for Jack, Gerard is a great choice, or Sam Worthington with the longer hair he had in Avatar.

    Haven’t given Wilkins or Colin much thought, but maybe I should…

  5. Colleen says:

    You know David Boreanaz wouldn’t have to stretch much to play an FBI agent… I could see him in that role. God knows he does sexy and dangerous on Bones well.

  6. Elyssa Papa says:

    I approve of this, but there is this sexy actor named Andy Whitfield in the Spartacus series that would make a great Jack. Sure, Andy has blue eyes but that’s just a minor detail. Google him. You’ll thank me later. 😉

    For Wilkins, I pictured Tristan Wilds, who’s a young actor, but since Joe and Jack refer to Wilkins as “kid,” it could work.

    And Collins, since he doesn’t fit other characters’ perceptions of homosexuality, and given Collins’s background (former athlete, etc.), I chose Wentworth Miller.

  7. PamM says:

    Hmmm, doesn’t that picture of Gerard Butler just say it all! Eve Green is a great choice, she just leaps off the page as Cameron!

    For Wilkens, Dule Hill kept creeping into my mind (more his West Wing role persona then Psych), definitely, “the kid”. I can see hear him playing off Jack’s glowering!

    No one comes to mind for Collins…have to give it more thought.


  8. Lissa says:

    Electric couple, they’d be great together.Would love a sequel or series.the characters are all strong enough that you feel you’ve come to know them and want to stay with them, at least through Jack & Cameron’s wedding, a relationship for Wilkins and happiness for Collin with Richard or not. Hope to read more adventures of this crew.

  9. Tuyen says:

    great choices for your characters…it was hard for me to come up with my own but i love jack character and i would love someone really sexy to play his role, for me:

    Jack Pallas to be Victor Webster, he could definitely grow a nice facial scruff

    Cameron Lynde was tough I’m still debating between three: Megan Fox and Ashely Greene fit the profile…but Odette Annable does too expect her eyes are light blue…Megan Fox is my #1 choice!!!

  10. Anna says:

    Hi Julie. Just read this book and loved it! The chemistry, sexual tension between the characters and the love scenes were scorching hot! I am so glad you included more detail in love scenes in this book than your previous Practice Makes Perfect. I am like the annoying and nosey girlfriend of the heroine who wants know ALL the dirty details, so I was pleased!

    Now about the casting, I think Eva Green would be perfect as Cameron. Now about Jack (who btw is like the hottest hero ever in romance novel) I would like to see Richard Armitage play him. He actually does play a similar character in a British show called MI-5 here in the US and Spooks in UK. He plays an MI-5 (British equivalent of FBI) agent called Lucas North, and he looks so extremely hot in that show. I was picturing him the whole time as Jack Pallas.

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