Something About You Giveaway (It’s Big!)

Please note: the giveaway is now closed.  Winner will be announced shortly.

It’s almost here.  My upcoming book, Something About You, releases on March 2nd.  So I think it’s time to celebrate–with all of you.

I’m going to give away a grand prize of a $100 gift card to Amazon, Borders, or Barnes & Noble (at the winner’s choosing).  I’m also going to give away second and third prizes of a signed copy of Something About You.  What do you have to do to enter, you ask?  It’s simple: spread the word about Something About You. Here are the details:

1.  Post somewhere letting people know about the upcoming release of Something About You.  Anywhere.  (I’m not fussy.)  You can talk about the book on your blog, your website, on Facebook, heck, even Twitter (my Twitter name is @juljames, for those of you who want to get extra-super bonus points for including that).  Don’t have a blog? Don’t tweet?  No problem–you can post a comment on somebody else’s website or blog, or even on a message board.

2.  Then, come back here and comment below with a link to wherever you’ve posted your qualifying blog/post/comment. This is important, as your comment below is your entry in the giveaway.

3.  Please make sure your link works!  If I can’t confirm you that you’ve posted/commented/blogged/whatever-ed about the book, you won’t be entered in the giveaway.

4.  To qualify, your blog/comment must be new (meaning it must be posted starting February 1st).

5.  For those of you who want to include details about Something About You in your post, the back cover copy and excerpt can be found here.  Or if you want to get really fancy, Lea over at Closet Writer designed a wonderful countdown Sprout that you can use.

6.  While I would love for each of you to spread the word about the release of Something About You far and wide with numerous posts, blogs, etc., in order to give everyone who promotes my book in some way an equal chance to win, I am limiting the giveaway to one entry per person.

7.  The contest is open until 10pm CST on February 28, 2010.  Everyone who correctly enters will be in the running for the $100 dollar gift card and the second and third prizes of a signed book. Authors are eligible to win as well.  Winners will be chosen at random from among eligible entries.  The drawing will occur on March 1st.

Thanks, everyone, for helping me celebrate the upcoming release of Something About You!

100 thoughts on “Something About You Giveaway (It’s Big!)

  1. Lea says:

    Hey Julie:

    I’ve got your widget up on my blog so folks can pick it up there to spread the word if they want.

    I’m also going to be blogging about your book soon.

    Count me in!

    Thanks for the great contest!


  2. Donna Ariola says:

    I posted on my facebook account about the book signing and your new book. I can’t wait for it to come out . I love the cover!! I really enjoyed Practice Makes Perfect.. Hope to see you at the booksigning, of course if I win would love a card from B&N so I can spend some $$ there..


    jsut noticed you wanted this after Feb 1st so I will post it again on Feb 2nd…lol (I am trying)

  3. Julie says:

    Donna: No worries… I should’ve written “starting” Feb. 1st, and I just changed the giveaway to reflect that. I’ll count your Facebook post. My point was more that all blogs, comments, etc. needed to be new (meaning created after the start of this contest).

    BUT. . . please do post the link to your Facebook comment. And thanks so much for spreading the word! 🙂

  4. Dottie says:

    Hi Julie!

    I posted your contest on my blog (under my banner) and grabbed Lea’s widget and posted on my sidebar.

    Count me in please!

    Thanks for a great contest!

    Dottie 🙂

  5. Leigh says:

    Lost my post. . .

    I posted a link to this contest and mentioned your book (of course many of us have already been talking about it, and have the date circled so we can get to the bookstore, and buy it on Mar 2. )

    I am lucky enough to have a Kindle and you and your wonderful publisher made it availabe to pre-order. . . (and I have had it ordered since 12/20/09)

    The book sounds wonderful. . .

  6. Iulia says:

    Hello Julie!

    I announced your big launch on my Twitter and on my Facebook accounts – unfortunately both of them are private, though the FB post is now viewable to everyone 🙂

    Greatest of luck from now on!

  7. april says:

    I have the widget on my blog and also will post an entry on the contest and book. I have already preordered the book and can’t wait for its release. (Blog address is linked to my username.)

  8. Ruth Macey says:

    Hi Julie,
    Can’t wait for the new book to come out. I love the cover.
    Classy and sexy all under one cover. I need six books signed for my favorite girls. Looking forward to seeing you again. Good luck.


  9. Julie says:


    Too funny–I’d already counted your original comment at AAR. I think you know these rules better than I do. 😉

    But, hey, I appreciate the second comment as well!


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