New JTSMA Cover (anyone read Russian?)

How cute is this?  I’ve got a Russian cover for Just the Sexiest Man Alive and thought I’d share.

True, Taylor and Jason look about seventeen years old in this picture, instead of being in their thirties.  LOL.  But I’m really impressed that they got the hair and eye color of the models exactly right.

Now, if anyone reads Russian, I would LOVE to know what the book description says. And also that caption on the front cover with the exclamation point.  Any guesses?

Oh, and be sure to tune in next week.  I haven’t done a giveaway for awhile, so I think I’m due. . .

* * *

Updated to add: the fabulous Fiona Jayde, who I happened to meet through Beth Kery at RT, and who just so happens to be from Russia, was kind enough to translate the book jacket for me.  Here’s what she said:

The translation (often there’s more than one way of interpreting a word or phrase so I’ll try to include both):

The title in Russian reads “Your Daring/Arrogant Glance”

The Purple bubble says “Love first and foremost” (Maybe this is supposed to be “Business first and foremost” looking at the back blurb?)

The back copy says “Taylor Donovan is a strong woman. In a courtroom she can lay (kill?) an opponent on his back, and in her personal life she won’t allow a man to shatter her heart.

This is why Hollywood hunk Jason Anders, with whom she is supposed to consult for his role of a lawyer in a new blockbuster, doesn’t stand a chance to make Taylor notice him. (Or make Taylor aware of him)

Business is first and foremost!

At first Jason, tired/tortured by female attention, is happy with this business attitude/approach. But gradually, his happiness changes to irritation, and irritation to male hunter’s instinct. To seduce and make this confident/strong person fall in love with him is a matter of honor.”

“And irritation to male hunter’s instinct”.  Yep, that pretty much describes the effect of my heroines.  : )

Many thanks to Fiona for the translation!

New Thai covers! (And other fun stuff)

I’ve got a few fun pictures to share this week. . .

First, the Thai translations of Just the Sexiest Man Alive and Practice Makes Perfect are now available.  Check out the covers for the Thai versions of the books:

First, Practice Makes Perfect:

And here’s Just the Sexiest Man Alive (apologies that it’s so small):

I’m working on getting a larger jpeg for the JTSMA cover.  How fun is that picture of Jason and Taylor?  I love that Jason is reading a book–or maybe that’s supposed to be a script?  It’s so interesting to see how books are marketed in different countries.  Anyone interested in purchasing the Thai translations of the books, which are available now, can do that here and here.

Speaking of Practice Makes Perfect. . . a friend gave me this note she found in a fortune cookie:

She framed it for me, too–how sweet is that? I’ve now got it on my desk.

Lastly, I thought I’d share a special advance sneak preview of Book 5.  Yes, Book 5.  I know, you haven’t even seen Book 4 yet (A Lot Like Love), but I started working on my outline for Book 5 last Friday and I thought I’d share what I’ve got so far.  Now, Friday was a busy day for me, lunch downtown with girlfriends, a going away party for other friends, and I didn’t sleep well the night before.  So I may have dozed off while writing the outline for Book 5… and when I woke up, this was what I had on the legal pad sitting next to me:

So there you have it–Book 5 will have an “opening.”  You heard it here first, folks.  : )

Okay, time to really get cracking on that outline. . .