New JTSMA Cover (anyone read Russian?)

How cute is this?  I’ve got a Russian cover for Just the Sexiest Man Alive and thought I’d share.

True, Taylor and Jason look about seventeen years old in this picture, instead of being in their thirties.  LOL.  But I’m really impressed that they got the hair and eye color of the models exactly right.

Now, if anyone reads Russian, I would LOVE to know what the book description says. And also that caption on the front cover with the exclamation point.  Any guesses?

Oh, and be sure to tune in next week.  I haven’t done a giveaway for awhile, so I think I’m due. . .

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Updated to add: the fabulous Fiona Jayde, who I happened to meet through Beth Kery at RT, and who just so happens to be from Russia, was kind enough to translate the book jacket for me.  Here’s what she said:

The translation (often there’s more than one way of interpreting a word or phrase so I’ll try to include both):

The title in Russian reads “Your Daring/Arrogant Glance”

The Purple bubble says “Love first and foremost” (Maybe this is supposed to be “Business first and foremost” looking at the back blurb?)

The back copy says “Taylor Donovan is a strong woman. In a courtroom she can lay (kill?) an opponent on his back, and in her personal life she won’t allow a man to shatter her heart.

This is why Hollywood hunk Jason Anders, with whom she is supposed to consult for his role of a lawyer in a new blockbuster, doesn’t stand a chance to make Taylor notice him. (Or make Taylor aware of him)

Business is first and foremost!

At first Jason, tired/tortured by female attention, is happy with this business attitude/approach. But gradually, his happiness changes to irritation, and irritation to male hunter’s instinct. To seduce and make this confident/strong person fall in love with him is a matter of honor.”

“And irritation to male hunter’s instinct”.  Yep, that pretty much describes the effect of my heroines.  : )

Many thanks to Fiona for the translation!

6 thoughts on “New JTSMA Cover (anyone read Russian?)

  1. Zosia says:

    Ha! They changed your name to ‘Julia’ (or ‘Dzhuliya’…)!

    But I speak Ukrainian, not Russian, so I’m not going to be much help there.

  2. tennismom mary g says:

    LOL I was going to email Fiona about this post but she already came to the rescue!

    I love the line “she can lay (kill?) an opponent on his back”. While the cover models look more YA than the right age, just think of all the young people that will be attracted to this book, a whole new market!

  3. Beth Kery says:

    I read this a while back, Julie, and it really had me grinning. It’s so interesting, the variability in the translation. No one to one correspondence. That’s why it’s so helpful to get a native speaker like Fiona, because she can catch the nuances.

    Anyway, I think the cover is lovely, actually. I love both of their eyes. And yeah, age them up ten plus years, and they are terrific Taylor and Jason’s (Taylor especially, or is that just me?)

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