Podcast Interview

Hey all! I did a fun podcast with Sarah Wendell (Smart Bitches, Trashy Books) and Jane Little (Dear Author) where we chat about my books, publishing expectations, and share some book recommendations. Also, I talk a little about the book I’m writing now and drop a few hints. (That’s at 14:30, 39:00 and 42:30 of the podcast.)

Just follow this link–you can listen to the interview right at the Smart Bitches website. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Podcast Interview

  1. ElizabethLockcuff says:

    I just finished It happened
    one wedding and I want to know what happened to the undercover operations that was going on thought out the book. If I have to buy another book…..what is it.

    Very disappointed that an author would leave part of the story unfinished.

    • julie says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Sorry you felt that was unfinished! In his meeting with Nick, Vaughn mentions that they’ll be arresting the Chicago police officers the following Monday. You can assume that happened. For story purposes, however, I wanted to end the book with the wedding. But I apologize if that felt like a cliffhanger for you!

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