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Note: the giveaway is closed. Winners will be announced shortly.

So, it’s my birthday today. (Yay!) And while I’m not saying how many candles will be on the double chocolate cake Mr. James undoubtedly is bringing home today (hint, hint, sweetie), I’m in the mood to celebrate. How about a giveaway? I have three Kindle copies of my newest release, Love Irresistibly, up for grabs today. Already own a Kindle copy? Great! If you win, you can forward the e-gift card to someone else and make his or her day. : )

The giveaway is open to anyone who wants a chance to win a Kindle copy of Love Irresistibly that I will purchase from Amazon U.S. and forward to each winner. (Caveat: I’m not sure how that works with international readers, but you’re certainly welcome to join in!)

Giveaway will be open until 9pm CST today, November 5th. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below. (People reading this on my Goodreads blog should click here to enter.)

Good luck!

P.S. If you haven’t heard, tomorrow my newsletter goes out with an exclusive excerpt–the first chapter of my upcoming release, It Happened One Wedding. You still have time to subscribe here.


147 thoughts on “Birthday giveaway

  1. Catherine E. says:

    Happy birthday! Hopefully your hubby brings home an awesome cake. I live across the street from a cupcakery, so mine knows where to get my cake.

  2. Wendy Anderson says:

    I’d love to pass it along to my friends. Already have 2 addicted to you so might as well make another one! Happy Birthday.

  3. Karen Wicks says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve been enjoying your books. I’ve read A Lot Like Love and Something About You so far. Can’t wait to read more!

  4. Angi Clingan says:

    Happy Birthday Julie 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic day. I got to read your books when you were a newb and didn’t even have a website yet (I got them for review) and LOVED them from the beginning 🙂

  5. Monika says:

    Happy birthday Julie from Macedonia 🙂 I have all of your books so far, I just have bought About that night and I loved it! I can’t wait to have this one too 🙂 Love from Macedonia 😀

  6. Arashpreet Kaur says:

    Happy Birthday!!!
    I hope you have a great one. I enjoy all of your books. My semester has been packed if so much work and clinic hours, but your books are refresher after I take my exams. Thank You for writing wondering novels!

  7. Sukhmani says:

    Happy Birthdayy!!!! May you have many many more and continue to write many more exciting, awesome, fun, romantic, FBI, full of witty remarks books that i just can’t forget and have my fill of them..
    Love you <3

  8. Denise says:

    It is my birthday today also. Great day for a birthday. LOL I knew there was another reason why I loved your books. Thanks for all the great books. So looking forward to Vaughn’s book.
    Chicago, IL

  9. Michelle Liem says:

    Happy Birthday Mrs James ^0^
    Wish all the best for you.. and hope all the best for your new book..
    Can’t wait for having it >.<

  10. Margit says:

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day 🙂

    Here’s a Piet Hein poem from Denmark:

    Put up in a place
    where it’s easy to see
    the cryptic admonishment
    T. T. T.

    When you feel how depressingly
    slowly you climb,
    it’s well to remember that
    Things Take Time!

    — and books are always worth the wait 😉

  11. christina says:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy the cake and making a wish on the mysterious number of candles, lol. Can’t wait to read the 1st chapter tomorrow!

  12. Jenn C says:

    Don’t you know you’re supposed to get presents on your birthday??? Anyhoo, thanks for sharing the birthday love with all of us!

  13. miki says:

    Happy birthday, best wishes may it be filled with love and loved ones

    ( not entering for a kindle copy since i ccouldn’t read it, yes teh application doesn’t work for some countries)

  14. Jennie says:

    You will always be younger than me Julie. Lol. Have a terrific birthday with that beautiful family. Xoxo

    PS. You need a pair of crystal shoes for your birthday.

  15. Melonie says:

    Happy Birthday! I think November must be a month for brainy babes. There’s you, and several of my dear writer buddies, and of course I’m including myself… born exactly 9 months after Valentine’s Day 😉 Enjoy the day and thanks for celebrating so generously 🙂

  16. Sandi Morgan says:

    Happy Birthday! I read your books the day they come out! However would live to give to a friend so they can enjoy your books as well.

  17. Kayla W. says:

    Happy Birthday! I actually have two friends that share this date. A happy day for many! And hope you get that chocolate cake!

  18. Linda Blackshaw says:

    Have a great day for your birthday. Enjoy your cake. May blessings of Love, Light and Joy surround you on your special day and throughout the coming twelve months.

  19. Bethany says:

    Happy Birthday — hope the cake was great! Love all your books and can’t wait for the next one. I’d love to have one on my e-reader. So far, I only have paperback copies of all your books 🙂

  20. Connie Terpstra Dowell says:

    Dear Julie,
    Happy belated birthday wishes. Sorry I missed it. I’m just dropping by with a comment about your new book,”It Happened One Wedding”. Just received your e-mail with the 1st. chapter. I do not care for modern romance & would say I stick strictly to historical sensual romance, & recently after being introduced, to the paranormal romance. But O.M.G.!!!!! your 1st chapter really intrigued me! I am so pleased I put you on my list of authors as I am certain now, not to miss your book. If there is anything I hate is to spend money on a book that was not up to my expectations. I keep a list of authors that I know I would never buy again and the ones I am certain not to miss. Thank you for sharing your first chapter and I’ll definitely be starting a new direction and recommending to my all my friends your books
    Always, Connie

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