DEAL ALERT: Something About You only $1.99!

SAYcoverBerkleyYep, folks, you read that correctly. For one week only, Something About You, the first book in the FBI/U.S. Attorney series, is available in all ebook formats for only $1.99! That means Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iTunes . . . basically everywhere ebooks are sold, I believe.

I’m thrilled that my publisher is offering this sale, so I’ll be spreading the word high and low. The ebook can be purchased for $1.99 at:

Kindle * Nook * iTunes * Kobo

So if you know anyone who might be curious to check out Jack Pallas–ahem–Something About You, tell ’em to get the book while it’s hot!

Here’s some more info:


Of all the hotel rooms rented by all the adulterous politicians in Chicago, female Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde had to choose the one next to 1308, where some hot-and-heavy lovemaking ends in bloodshed. And of all the FBI agents in Illinois, it had to be Special Agent Jack Pallas who gets assigned to this high-profile homicide. The same Jack Pallas who still blames Cameron for a botched crackdown three years ago—and nearly ruining his career…


Work with Cameron Lynde? Are they kidding? Maybe, Jack thinks, this is some kind of welcome-back prank after his stint away from Chicago. But it’s no joke: the pair is going to have to put their rocky past behind them and focus on the case at hand. That is, if they can cut back on the razor-sharp jibes—and smother the flame of their sizzling-hot sexual tension…

Praise for Something About You:

“James’ latest novel delivers an addictively readable combination of sharp humor, sizzlingly sexy romance, and a generous measure of nail-biting suspense.” —Chicago Tribune

“[A] must-read for those searching for a smart romance with great characters and a no-holds-barred plot.” —San Francisco Book Review

“Something About You is a perfect storm of awesome…. It crackles, it’s funny, it makes you laugh…. This is a contemporary romance well worth savoring, and laughing over, and reading all over again.” —Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

“How do I like this book? Let me count the ways…. Smart, snappy, funny yet realistic. I can’t count the number of times I laughed…. [T]his is one book I can totally recommend.” —Dear Author

“Something About You is a fun contemporary romance filled with witty, well-developed characters, and is a book I heartily recommend. . . . When I finished, I wanted to start reading it again.” —All About Romance

4 thoughts on “DEAL ALERT: Something About You only $1.99!

  1. Linda Harrison says:

    I just purchased this. Thanks for the special price! After reading and thoroughly enjoying About That Night, I can’t wait to read the first book of the FBI series.

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