Winner–Something About You Audiobook

Big thanks to narrator Karen White for dropping by to chat with us about audiobooks and the release of the audio version of Something About You.  Without further ado, the winner of the SAY audiobook is…

Gail Leslie!

(comment #8)

Congratulations! Gail, please email me at and we’ll discuss the audiobook format options.

Thanks to everyone who entered!  Happy reading (and listening)!

2 thoughts on “Winner–Something About You Audiobook

  1. Gail says:

    OMG!! Yeah..I’m very excited. So sorry for the delayed response, computer completely crashed. I’m so looking forward to listening to Something About You. Thank you very much. Gail

  2. Noshin says:

    Hi Julie. I am a huge fan. Sorry if here is not the right place for me to ask my question. To be honest I am really sad and now. you see I love your writing style and love all your books but Something About You is my favourite. I was so excited to find that the audio book is available now however it seems that I am not able to purchase a copy since I am living in New Zealand. Is there any way I could have buy my this?? Please Please help

    Please forgive my bad grammatical error as English is my second language.

    Thank you and Please keep up your great work

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