Fun Foreign Covers

Hey everyone!  Just yesterday, I sent off the copy edits for About That Night–which is a good thing, because I really need to stop tinkering with that darn book.  But now, it’s officially out of my hands.

To celebrate, I thought I’d . . . share some fun foreign covers!  In this batch, we have:

German cover for Something About You "Love at all Hazards"

(love the crime scene tape!)


French cover of Practice Makes Perfect

(I so need to get a pair of those shoes)

Just the Sexiest Man Alive Indonesian cover

 (Hmm . . . where is her hand going?)

4 thoughts on “Fun Foreign Covers

  1. Petra says:

    I really love the German cover. My first translation would of been something like, “Just In Case of Love” or “All Cases for Love”, but that’s the thing with translations, even one single word can have so many different meanings.


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