Time to Vote!

Hey everyone!!

Yes, SOMETHING ABOUT YOU advanced to the next round of the DABWAHA tournament.  The book is up for voting again and I would love for all of you to help me out.  Remember– it doesn’t matter if you filled out a bracket in the tournament. Anyone and everyone can vote.

I hear the competition is coming out with guns blazing this round, which means that I’m going to need help from you guys.  Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, Facebook friends, Twitter peeps to vote for SOMETHING ABOUT YOU by clinking on this link here.  (Full link for those who want to spread the word is: http://dabwaha.com/2011/03/vote-here-region-4/.

You can vote from your computer, your phone, your iPad, basically anything with an IP address.  Let’s make it to the Elite Eight!

Thanks, as always, everyone.  You guys rock.

6 thoughts on “Time to Vote!

  1. Cris says:

    Har har, I just voted twice– because, really, what else are lab computers for other than provide an extra IP address for DABWAHA? 😛
    Jack Pallas is so the man… best of luck!

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