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Have you seen the March cover of RT Bookreviews?  It just so happens to mention–ahem–me.

Okay, enough of the subtleties. This is pretty darn awesome:

See it there– in the upper left corner? That’s my name!!

The entire interview can be found in the March edition, which I believe hits bookstores later this week or early next week.  Oh, and in their review of A Lot Like Love, they call the book a “delicious blend of romance and suspense” and a “thoroughly entertaining read.”

Thanks, RT Bookreviews!

9 thoughts on “RT Bookreviews Cover

  1. Mary G says:

    That’s awesome Julie! The new IT girl makes it sounds like you’re a recent overnight success. We know it took a bit longer than that LOL.

  2. lilith55655 says:

    I just read the article and was surprised to read that JtSMA hd been a screenplay. Lucky for us that the option ran out.
    You are so right about discovering how much readers like for characters popping up in books that they had developed a bond with in previous books. That, and epilogues are two things I really look forward to from favorite authors.
    Great article Miss New It Girl! ;

  3. Julie says:

    Hi Lilith! Yes, JTSMA was originally a screenplay called “The Andrews Project”.

    You know, at the time I was disappointed when the option ran out, but now I think it was a good thing because it started my career as an author. What’s that saying about when one door closes, another door opens…?

  4. Tara says:

    Congrats, Julie! Can’t wait to read the interview, but like Kim, my copy is late. Uggh! And if we get this blizzard, well, who knows when it will arrive. Congrats on being the “New It Girl”, but you’ve been the “It Girl” in my reading circle for some time!

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