Sexiest Audioclip!

How cool is this? Anyone interested in checking out a sample of the Just the Sexiest Man Alive audiobook, the narrator, Karen White, posted a clip on her website.  (Many thanks to Karen for sharing!)  Granted, this is my first audiobook, but I think Karen does a FABULOUS job.  But don’t just go by my word, check it out for yourself here.

Happy listening!

Oh– on the topic of Just the Sexiest Man Alive— I found out last week that the book has gone into its fourth printing.  Hurray!

(And–psst– if you don’t do audiobooks, but like the sound of the book, Amazon has it on sale here for the holidays for only $3.12!)  (Kind of a random price, but who’s complaining?)

6 thoughts on “Sexiest Audioclip!

  1. Kim says:

    Congratulations on the fourth printing. It’s great that people want your backlist. I’ll have to listen to the excerpt later on.

  2. Kim says:

    Sarah Wendell blogged on Kirkus Reviews about her picks for the best romance books released in 2010. Something About You was on the list. Congratulations!

  3. Julie says:

    Hi, Kim: I saw Sarah’s blog on Kirkus Reviews and was thrilled to see Something About You included in her picks!! Thanks for the congrats! Such good company to be in. : )

    And thanks to everyone on the congrats re: JTSMA. Glad to hear you enjoyed the audioclip!

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