Giveaway over at Fan Page!

Hey everyone! Just a heads up that I’m giving away two copies of Something About You over at my Facebook fan page.  You can enter to win here.

3 thoughts on “Giveaway over at Fan Page!

  1. Rory G says:

    I’ve already gotten and read all your books and am patiently awaiting the next release. Something About You was the first one I read and is still my favorite. Cam and Jack are great. If you haven’t bought it and read it you should enter this contest as quick as you can and win this book.

  2. Davin k. says:

    I have read all your books, The sexiest man alive, Practice makes perfect, Something about you!! I am eagerly awaiting for the next one. I wasn’t a reader but the way you write is so smooth and captive that I wouldn’t put the book down until I finished. You are my favorite writer and keep up the great work 🙂

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