Marie Force is here–with a giveaway!

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I’m so thrilled to welcome author Marie Force today!  Marie and I met at RWA San Francisco–we happened to be in the cab line together after the RITA awards and shared a cab back to our hotel.  We got to talking about how we both wrote contemporary romances–this was before either of us was published–and I’d been looking forward to reading her books ever since.

Today, Marie is here to talk about her new book, Fatal Affair, a romantic suspense that just released yesterday and is available from Carina Press.

I was lucky to get my hands on an early copy of Fatal Affair and really enjoyed it!  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, while I’m working away at the revisions for A Lot Like Love, it was nice to have a book like this to sink into at the end of the day.

So without further ado, here’s Marie to tell us more about the book and her writing process:

Thanks for having me today, Julie!

Q. When did you first realize you wanted to write, and how did you get started?

A.  I’ve always been a writer. I knew very early on that I wanted to write for a living and was directed to journalism school by my high school English teacher. Since graduating from college (in, ahem, 1988), I’ve always worked as a writer of some sort, including a stint as a newspaper reporter. Today, I’m the communications director for a national membership organization similar to RWA. The fiction writing came a little later. I always said I was going to write a book, but in the early 2000s, I had two small kids, a husband in the Navy who was constantly deployed, a full-time job I did (and continue to do) from home, and, at that time, two dogs. It was all I could do to function, let alone write. Someday kept getting pushed further into the future. Then my mother got sick, and it became quite urgent for me to do more than talk about writing a book. She got to read the first four chapters of my first book before she passed away in August of 2004. I’ll always be grateful that she got to read that much. Since then, my writing “career” has really blossomed. I like to think she had something to do with that.

Q.  What is it about writing romance that appeals to you?

A.  I love the HEA: the guaranteed happily ever after. No matter what we put our hero and heroine through, the readers know their story will end happily. To me, that’s the best part of the romance “formula,” if you will, and it’s the reason I read and write romance.

Q.  What do you do on those writing days when you’re stressed, worn out, or distracted?

A.  I am always all of the above! LOL! Since I have a full-time job and have to fit my writing in around work and two very busy kids, who will be 15 and 12 this year, my writing time is my de-stress time. I write in the midst of chaos, right in the living room with kids and dogs running through and the TV on. I’ve discovered it’s all about the chaos for me. When I get into a quiet hotel room for a work trip, absolutely no writing gets done.

Q.  What can you tell us about your current release?

A.  Fatal Affair, out yesterday from Carina Press, is the start of the Fatal Series, which features a Washington, D.C. Police detective and her love interest, a U.S. Senator. I have lots of adventures planned for Sam and Nick. Their story will continue later this year in Fatal Justice, the second book in the series. Here’s a brief rundown on the story:

On the morning of the most important vote of Senator John O’Connor’s career he is late—again. His best friend and chief of staff, Nick Cappuano sets off to O’Connor’s apartment expecting to roust him from bed and hoping he is alone. But what Nick finds is that O’Connor, the handsome, amiable Senator from Virginia, has been brutally murdered, and Nick’s world comes crashing down around him. Complicating the disaster, the detective assigned to the case is none other than Sam Holland, Nick’s one-night stand from six years earlier, the woman who broke his heart and haunts his dreams. With six years worth of unfinished business hanging between them and more than a few scores to settle personally and professionally, Nick and Sam set out to find the senator’s killer while trying—and failing—to resist the overwhelming attraction between them that seems to have only grown over the years.

It soon becomes clear that the senator’s past holds secrets that not only led to his death but now endanger Nick and Sam as well. Working together to find a killer and to rediscover the love they thought they lost long ago, they must put the past behind them and build a future that offers a world of new opportunities for both of them—including an offer from the Virginia Democrats for Nick to finish the last year of John’s term.

Q.   Can you share a brief excerpt from the book?

“Why haven’t you ever gotten married?” Sam asked Nick.

“I don’t know. Just never happened.”

“Surely there had to have been someone you might’ve married.”

“There was this one girl…”

“What happened?”

“She never returned my calls.”

Shocked and speechless, Sam stared at him.

“You asked.”

Tearing her eyes off him, she accelerated through the last intersection before the turn for the public safety parking lot. “Don’t say that to me,” she snapped. “You don’t mean that.”

“Yes, I do.”

Q.  Fun questions:  What are you watching on TV these days?  What are you reading?

A.  I’m engrossed in my not-so-secret shame: The Bachelorette. It’s also Red Sox season, and I watch most of their games. Otherwise, not much T.V. watching gets done this time of year. I just read a fun book called Something About You, which I loved! And I devoured Christy Reece’s heart-pounding new romantic suspense, Last Chance, over the weekend. I’ve also been reading a lot of historicals this year (and I’m secretly writing one…) I guess it’s not a secret anymore!

Q.  What are you listening to on your Ipod?

A.  Lately, I’m addicted to the various versions of Jeff Buckley’s song Hallelujah. My current favorite is the k.d. lang version from the Winter Olympics opening ceremony. If you haven’t heard it, make sure to download it. It’s amazing! My new laptop came with a free iPod Touch, so I’m looking forward to upgrading from my first generation Nano. My daughter will have to teach me how to use the Touch since I had trouble turning it on!

Q.  What is your biggest weakness (shoes, purses, chocolate, etc.)?

A.  Chocolate. Hands down. Although I do so love my Coach purses. 🙂

Q.  Complete this sentence: One fun thing about me that people might not know is……

A.  For a brief shining moment recently, my teenaged daughter declared that her mom was the It was a proud moment in the midst of teenager mayhem. Sadly, however, my status was revoked a mere 12 hours later for some infraction or another. You have to take the accolades where you can get them!


A-ha!  Another person addicted to The Bachelorette. . . it’s my guilty secret, too. 🙂  Thanks for joining us, Marie!  And for all of you, one lucky person who leaves a comment or question below will receive a copy (e-book) of Fatal Affair.  The giveaway will remain open until 10pm CST on Friday, June 25th.  More information about Marie Force and her books can be found at her website.

Good luck!

23 thoughts on “Marie Force is here–with a giveaway!

  1. Petra says:

    This isn’t the first time you’ve mentioned this book, but it didn’t really catch my eye until now. Sounds good and kinda reminds me of “Something About You”. Definitely adding it to my “to-read” list.

    Do you ever listen to music or need a certain environment to write?
    Did you enjoy reading “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? Recommend it?

  2. Jasja says:

    Aaaahhh…needless to say I just have to post a comment. I will have to admit that I have been attracted to this book (it was the colours that got me… I’m a bit strange, I know…) since Julie posted something on her facebook. Before coming across above mentioned Q&A, I tried to find “Fatal Affair” on the largest Dutch online bookstore, but no such luck…*sniff*. of course one might say I could simply order from a US website…but I still partly live in the dark ages and don’t posess a credit card (time for a change maybe, I’ll have to admit that much…). However; I do actually possess a computer and an ereader… Of course I am now secretly hoping that maybe, just maybe, my luck may have changed… And if not, I do of course wish the lucky person who will receive the book very happy reading (and hope that Marie can get somebody to get to stock up on her books).

  3. Marie Force says:

    Thanks again for having me today, Julie. The interview was really fun!

    Hi Petra,
    I don’t listen to a lot of music when writing, but I have found that chaos is conducive to my productivity. Because I work from home, I spend all day in my home office and don’t want to be there at night. So I write from my sofa in the midst of family mayhem. When I go to hotels for work, I always think I’ll get so much done in the quiet, but I never write a damned thing. Weird, huh?

    Haven’t read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Sorry! I stick pretty much to all romance all the time (when I have time to read)!

  4. Marie Force says:

    I’m not surprised the cover drew you in. I have loved it from the first second I saw it! Not sure what to say about the Dutch bookstore, but knowing Harlequin, it will be there before too much longer! Hope you are able to track down a copy! Thanks for coming by today!

  5. Gwen says:

    Thanks for that interview! I read 2 of her other books and loved them. Can’t wait to read this one.

    Love The Bachelorette too!

  6. Luci says:

    Hi Marie,

    am lloking forward to reading Fatal Affair – because i know i said i do not usually buy ebooks because reading on my laptop is uncomfortable but i have been reading so many great reviews about your book that I just can’t skip it!

    My question is: Does this series have the same main characters (Sam and Nick throughout) with supporting characters or will they become secondary in the following books.

    Good luck with sales!!

  7. Marie Force says:

    Thanks so much, Gwen. So glad to hear you enjoyed my other books.

    Who are you all rooting for on the Bachelorette? I liked mold guy’s story yesterday (I know someone else who went through that and it’s horribly debilitating.) He was an interesting new contender. I’ve liked Frank from day one and I don’t hate Jason. I know I should, but I don’t. I kind of like his type of swaggering confidence. SOOOO glad she got rid of cheeseball Casey who really has the weirdest voice I’ve ever heard. And LOL to Craig and the drawn on tattoo. I also like Chris from the Cape. He seems like a really genuine guy. Sometimes I wonder if these contestants ever think–hey, I’m going to have to go out in the world after this so maybe I shouldn’t show my EVERY freak show tendency. 🙂

    Did you all hear that Jake and Vienna have split? What a shocker, huh? NOT! Never liked her but I REALLY didn’t like the way Ali hated on her all last season and then became “America’s sweetheart” with one half-hearted apology on the after the final rose show. WHATEVER!

  8. Patricia Camaioni says:

    I am looking forward to reading Fatal Affair and the future Fatal books. I love series with continuing characters. Thank you Julie for introducing Marie as a new author to us. Loved the questions and answers.

  9. kris says:

    I have heard all kinds of good things about the book. I did pre-order (so no need to include me in the contest) and was going to start reading it on the plane last night, but decided to catch some sleep instead. Plus, all those teasers you posted on FB were killing me!!!

    Two fun facts I learned from this blog today: we are both part of the Red Sox Nation (I was “Born Into It” but now live in VA) and we both have a deep affection for Coach purses (although I admit my inherent weakness is more along the lines of shoes).

  10. tennismom mary g says:

    Hi Julie & Marie.
    Great interview. Another thing that people don’t know about you: you are so funny. You & Julie would be hilarious together. Don’t enter me, just wanted to drop by & say how much I love your books. Glad you’re branching out to other pubs & genres so we can see more of your work.

  11. Marie Force says:

    Hi there,
    Checking in from the lunch break. I work at home and some days I forget to stop until I see stars dancing before my eyes. LOL!

    Hi Sarah,
    So glad to hear you enjoyed Fatal Affair. That’s great to hear! I too am delighted to be writing more books featuring Sam and Nick. I really wanted to do the series this way and couldn’t be more thrilled to have found a publisher who saw it the same way I do.

    Hi Patricia,
    So glad you enjoyed our interview. Julie asked some fun questions. Thanks for checking out my books. I really hope you enjoy them!

    Hey Kris,
    LOL on the teasers yesterday. I am glad they hooked you! That was something Carina had us do for their site and I recycled them for launch day. Great and fun idea! The Red Sox are creeping up in the AL East. Look out!!! Took long enough for them to heat it up this year, but we’ll take it. It’s my hubby’s fault I am hooked on Coach. He finally found a gift that will get a big reaction and he’s one to stick with what works. Fine by me! 🙂 However, I didn’t love the Coach flip flops he bought me because they are so heavy they KILL my feet. Two thumbs down!

    Hi Petra,
    No plans for a paperback at this time, but Carina is part of Harlequin so you never know what might happen! Fingers crossed that the series does well enough that they might be interested in other options. We’ll see! A lot of people are telling me they either read the book on their computers or printed it out. Hope you can find a way to read it!! Thanks for coming by.

  12. Marie Force says:

    Awww Mary G. you are so sweet–and my very best new reader friend who came to me via my books. What a lovely benefit of being an author! Thanks for coming over to say hi!

  13. Thalia says:

    This is on my list of Carina books to try. I’m a fan of Julie’s work and this one sounds like it’s along similar lines. Congrats on the new release and thanks for the contest!

  14. Colleen says:

    Small world… I work for an association too. I’m amazed you manage your day job, children and writing.

    This book is high on my TBR pile ever since I saw Julie mention it. I read Love At First Flight and loved it so I’m really looking forward to reading this one. Congrats on the release. I hope the series is a huge success.

  15. Marie Force says:

    Thanks so much, Thalia!

    Hi Colleen,
    It’s a juggling act for sure. The association keeps me VERY busy, especially this time of year before our conference in July. What does your association do? Mine caters to government finance professionals. It’s a good thing I can write with distractions or nothing would ever get written! LOL. Thanks for the kind words about Love at First Flight! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  16. Dawn says:

    A huge fan of contemporary romances! Would love to get to know Sam & Nick, Marie. Thanks for the recommendation & interview Julie!

  17. Corinne says:

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you for this interesting interview. I’m kind of disappointed by the e-book information, I don’t like them and need my book in my hands! Now that I’ve read this excerpt, I want to read that story, I especially love the moment when one of h/h recognizes something or tells a little about his feelings!
    My question for you: how do you manage to write a series with the same h/h? I mean I loves series, but when it’s the same h/h, I’m often curious to see how does the author manage to get the reader still excited about the l’ove story’ part, since it was already started or done in book number one. Will you make h/h have arguments and get separated? Or do they never are a real couple with happily ever after, like Janet Evanovich does in her Plums series? I’m thinking too about Suzanne Enoch series with Samantha Jellicoe and Richard…I find it more difficult because sometimes we WANT a happily ever after.
    Anyway, I hope to read that one in paperback soon!

  18. Marie Force says:

    Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad Sam and Nick appeal to you! 🙂

    Hi Corinne,
    E-books definitely aren’t for everyone, but so many people love them that it’s worth a shot. Hope you find a way to check out Fatal Affair! You ask an interesting question about keeping the romance and conflict alive for the couple in subsequent books, and that was a big challenge for me in writing Fatal Justice. I think the inherent conflict of two high-pressure, high-power jobs will provide a lot of issues for them to work through. In the second book you will find that even though they are in the newly-in-love rose-colored-glasses phase, they have a lot of things to work through and conflict arises continuously. I can’t imagine any scenario whereby they’d break up or separate. They will be a mature couple working through their issues in the context of a committed relationship. Each book will conclude with a “happy for now” ending to that story. Thanks for the great questions!

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