Fun with Revisions (and a mini-rant)

So I’m plugging along with the revisions for A Lot Like Love. . .

I’ve finished revising the first half of the book and it hasn’t fallen apart yet, so that’s good.  Actually, I’m really liking the changes–it’s amazing how stepping away from a manuscript for a few weeks can give you a new perspective on things.  Among other things, I changed the first kiss.  Important to get that one right–the first kiss says a lot, doesn’t it?

On another note, I’ve received all sorts of great news from my editor this week. Both Just the Sexiest Man Alive and Practice Makes Perfect have gone into a third printing, and Something About You is about to go into a second printing after only three months. Yippee!  And I have other news about Berkley, but, well, the superstitious side of me won’t say anything until everything is final.  But things are good on the publishing front. : )

And more fun stuff: I was lucky to receive an advance copy of Fatal Affair by Marie Force, one of the books being released by Carina Press as part of its June launch.  I just started the book and am really enjoying it so far. It’s great to have a good book to turn to after a long day of revisions!

Finally, on a totally random note, is anyone else watching So You Think You Can Dance this season?  Usually, I really look forward to SYTYCD as one of my fun summer shows, but I’m not liking the changes they made this season.  Still haven’t figured out the point of bringing back the “all stars”.  They don’t actually compete, they don’t choreograph the routines, so they’re just kind of… stand ins.  Plus, it means there were nine less spots for people who are actually competing, people for whom this competition actually matters.  Humph.

Okay, end of rant.

And don’t even get me started on the Lost and 24 series finales.  Although at least Lost has this going for it:

How about you guys?  What are you reading? Watching? Got any books/television shows/movies you want to rant about?

12 thoughts on “Fun with Revisions (and a mini-rant)

  1. Janet Lewis says:

    JH – Totally hot!
    I’m not watching anything right now. I’m a big Survivor and The Amazing Race fan, and they’re over.

    I finished J.R. Ward’s Lover Mine. Wow. Just…Wow.

    I’m doing a reread of Mackenzie’s Mission by the wonderful Linda Howard. Those Mackenzie men – *sigh*.

  2. Jessika says:

    That’s great news about your books! I really enjoyed them all! 🙂 I recently read Saving CeeCee Honeycut by Beth Hoffman, great book! Such a good friendship/strong women tale. I also read The Viscount Who Loved Me by JQ. It made me laugh quite a few times (and get some stares from those around me), but as of now it’s my fav of the Bridgerton series, I’ve been reading them as I come across them and they’re all great. I’m enjoying America’s Got Talent, some surprising stuff out there. Happy Summer All!

  3. Elyssa Papa says:

    You are such a tease!!! I have some guesses now that you’ve definitely put the kibosh on being the next Bachelorette. Although maybe you’re just trying to throw me off the trail . . . 😉

    All kidding aside, I hope it’s what I think it is. And if it is that, then woohoo!!!!

    I’ve been wondering the same thing about the All Stars myself. What is the point of having them come back? They’re not competing. They’re not choreographing. So . . . why are they there? (Except, of course, to draw ratings.) Still, it makes no sense . . . I would have amped that competition up by letting those all stars compete as well. But right now the all stars are just there to dance? Lame.

    Congrats also about all the new printings of the books. It’s all fabulous news! And, wow on the 2nd printing already about SAY. That’s just fantastic, and it’s just going to mean awesome things for ALLL.

    Which I’m dying to read. I’m sure the revisions are just making the novel more fabulous than it already is.

  4. tennismom mary g says:

    Hi Julie
    Huge congrats on the reprints. Good to hear you’ve done so much on ALLL too.
    The only reality shows I watch are the real housewives of New York & Orange County (money can’t buy class LOL).
    I also love all the home improvement & design shows.

    I have so many books ro read, I don’t know where to start. Loved Sugar Creek by Toni Blake. Loved True Vision by Joyce Lamb. Now reading Leave Me Breathless by HelenKay Dimon, wonderful smart funny person I met at Lori’s in Cincy. I love Marie’s writing & can’t wait to read Fatal Affair and see how she does rom. susp. I have two books by our dear Beth Kery I want to read, Velvet Cataclysm & Fleet Blade. Take care & ((hugs)).

  5. colleen says:

    Congrats on the second & third printings. And the revisions. I cannot wait to read that book.

    I liked Marie’s Love At First Flight, so I guess I have yet another to add to the TBR pile.

    I haven’t watched SYTYCD much in the past but have watched this season. I thought it was just me. I don’t get the reason the All Stars are there.

    Like katiebabs I eagerly anticipate the next season of Mad Men. But I’m also looking forward to My Boys coming back next month too. It’s light and fluffy and set in Chicago.

  6. Marie Force says:

    Thanks for including a plug for Fatal Affair mid-rant, Julie! LOL! Best of luck with the revisions, which, queerly, are my favorite part of the writing process. Ducking and covering now… LOL

  7. Kim says:

    Congratulations on the additional print runs. People who read SAY must have grabbed your back copies. I know my local Borders temporarily sold out of PMP and JTSMA when SAY was released. Hopefully, a NYT Bestseller is next on the publishing horizon.

    I’m almost finished with His at Night by Sherry Thomas. It’s a wonderful read. I’m always amazed at Sherry’s dialogue, since English is her secondary language. The prose in her novels is almost lyrical.

  8. Toni A. Bonnema says:

    half way through Stieg Larsson last book . . . Girl with the dragon tatoo . . . loved the first two. Great female protagonist! Totally bummed that this is all we will get from Larsson . . . .

    Watching . . . . nothing interesting right now . . . hard to find something good this time of the year.

  9. Jasja says:

    Aaaah, I’m going to have to get Fatal Affair, even if only because I love the colours on the cover…(Of course I will also…be doing a google search shortly) And what am I reading / watching. I am sort of between books, which basically means that I’m so busy that instead of picking up a new book, I pick up one of my favourites. At the moment I’m switching back and forth between Sweet Talk by Susan Mallery and Tangled Up In You by Rachel Gibson). And what I try not to miss on tv is Criminal Minds (even if only because of the joy of looking at Shemar Moore…), True Blood and Sea Patrol (an Australian show… got to love those handsome Aussie men!).

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