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So a couple weeks back, I mentioned that I had driven up to Ann Arbor to film an interview for the Borders True Romance blog.  It was a special author/author interview where Sue Grimshaw from Borders had another author, Joss Ware (who also writes as Colleen Gleason), do the interview.  I had such a great time doing the interview–both Sue and Joss/Colleen are fabulous!  We talked about my previous career as a lawyer, my books, what I’m reading now… all sorts of fun stuff.

Of course, the whole time I was watching this I was thinking, “That’s what my hair looks like?  Hmm.”

You can check out the interview here:

Julie James | Borders Media.

3 thoughts on “Video Interview– Borders True Romance Blog

  1. tennismom mary g says:

    Hi Julie
    I loved the interview. So neat to hear your voice. I would kill to have that nice thick hair (like I used to have). You looked good holding up Beth’s book too LOL.

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks, Mary and Lea! You never know how these things are going to turn out… Yes, it was nice that I got the chance to show off Beth’s book. 😉

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