Practice Makes Perfect releases today!



Payton Kendall and J.D. Jameson are lawyers who know the meaning of objection. A feminist to the bone, Payton has fought hard to succeed in a profession dominated by men. Born wealthy, privileged, and cocky, J.D. has fought hard to ignore her. Face to face, they’re perfectly civil. They have to be. For eight years they’ve kept a safe distance and tolerated each other as co-workers for one reason only: to make partner at the firm.


But all bets are off when they’re asked to join forces on a major case. At first apprehensive, they begin to appreciate each other’s dedication to the law—and the sparks between them quickly turn into attraction. But the increasingly hot connection doesn’t last long when they discover that only one of them will be named partner. Now it’s an all out war. And the battle between the sexes is bound to make these lawyers hot under the collar . . .

The early reviews are in!  Here’s what people are saying about Practice Makes Perfect:

Practice Makes Perfect is a “delightful and fast-moving romance . . . a surprisingly heartwarming tale of love.”
–Romantic Times BOOKreviews (4 1/2 stars)

“What a fun story! . . . The dialogue is excellent, funny, and realistic.  The [ ] bantering and insults will make you smile and laugh out loud.  PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT is a Perfect 10, a light, thoroughly satisfying romance that readers are sure to enjoy.”
–Marilyn Heyman, Romance Reviews Today (a Perfect 10 review)

“Julie James has a knack for writing those perfect for a day at the beach reads. . . [Practice Makes Perfect] delivers the laughs, it delivers the steam and it delivers a fantastically written romance with two strong characters that made an entertaining read just right.”
–Rowena Wilson, The Book Binge

Practice Makes Perfect is another pitch perfect romance. . .  The book is sharply written and sparkles with smart and witty characters and dialogue. Practice Makes Perfect will immediately go to my keeper shelf as a fun and entertaining romance pick-me-up.”
–Kati Dancy, Katidom

“Once again James has written a fun, fast-paced, sexy read. She really excels at writing excellent dialogue and interesting characters. Highly recommend.”
–Holly Mercer, The Book Binge



8 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect releases today!

  1. Elyssa Papa says:

    Congrats, Julie! Mine arrived today from Amazon, and I’m saving it as a reward for finishing my current WIP.

    Trust me, it’s so hard, especially when the book is right there within my reach, taunting me to read it.

  2. Julie says:

    Natalie, Elyssa and Kati: thanks so much for the congrats!! And Elyssa– good luck with your WIP!! My treat, for when I finish my own WIP, is going to be a massage. I *think* I’m on the last chapter, so hopefully it won’t be too long now…

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