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**Please note: the giveaway is now closed.

So. . . want to know more about my next book?

First things first, the question I’m most frequently asked about my next book is whether it will be part of the FBI/U.S. Attorney series. So I think it’s best if I just rip off the band-aid and tell you straight-out that no, my next book is not part of that series.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking.

But I promise you that we will all get through this. In fact, I think a lot of you are going to be quite pleased.

The reason Book 8 is not part of the FBI/U.S. Attorney series is that neither the heroine nor hero is an FBI agent or Assistant U.S. Attorney. And no part of the plot relates to the FBI or federal prosecutors office. So, calling it an FBI/U.S. Attorney book would be, well, weird.


That doesn’t mean there won’t be some familiar faces. . .

Remember Love Irresistibly, how the heroine (Brooke) had a guy best friend? Judging from your emails, tweets, and comments, he’s someone that many of you wanted to know a lot more about. Well, here’s your chance.


Available May 2015


Divorce lawyer Victoria Slade has seen enough unhappy endings to swear off marriage forever. That doesn’t mean she’s opposed to casual dating—just not with her cocky new neighbor, who is as gorgeous and tempting as he is off-limits. But once she agrees to take on his sister’s case, she’s as determined to win as ever—even if that means teaming up with Ford.


Investigative journalist Ford Dixon is bent on finding the man who got his sister pregnant and left her high and dry. He’s willing to partner with Victoria, despite the fact that the beautiful brunette gets under his skin like no other woman. He might not be looking to settle down, but there’s no denying the scorching attraction between them. Still, the more time he spends with Victoria, the more he realizes that the one woman as skeptical about love as he is might be the only woman he could really fall for. . .

* * *

Ford’s book! Yay! His story had been percolating in the back of my mind for two years, and I’m super-excited about the way the book has come together. And I have to say, this might be my favorite heroine yet. (Don’t tell the others.) Victoria Slade is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and Ford is just the guy to take her on. Oh, and did I mention that this is how I envision Ford?



So, those are the details. Title is SUDDENLY ONE SUMMER, and the book will be out next May.  The Berkley art department is working on the cover now, so I’ll share that as soon as I have it, and an excerpt, too. (But first I need to finish the book–ha.)

And now for the giveaway! To celebrate the “official announcement” of SUDDENLY ONE SUMMER, I’m giving away five copies of LOVE IRRESISTIBLY, the book in which we first met our intrepid investigative journalist hero, Ford Dixon. Winners can choose either a signed paperback or a Kindle/Nook e-book. To enter, simply leave a comment below. The giveaway is international, and will remain open until 9pm CST on Thursday, August 21. Please comment only once.

Good luck!

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332 Responses to “Book reveal (and a giveaway!)”

  1. Diana Silva

    Fantastic!!!!!He was a great character. how am I going to make it until May 2015?

  2. Jerrilynn Atherton

    Can’t wait to read it!!!

  3. Alice Powell

    Oh no—-no FBI continuation? But then I read further and was really happy to read what the next book will be about and I Loved Ford Dixon. The only thing is I am so upset I have to wait so long for the new book. Rereading your last one for the 3rd time. You are my favorite writer…. But I guess it is my excuse to re read about Ford in Brooke’s book again…..even though I have read all your books about 5 times each. You made my day once again. Thank you!

  4. jessica

    I can’t wait until May!!!

  5. Robin Driscoll

    Love these tidbits!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  6. Irma Jurejevčič

    Wow, this new book sounds amazing! This is the one that is on my TBR list already :)Wait till May 2015?! Too long!!! I just love who you envisioned as Ford! I love Henry Cavill <3
    I would love to win a paperback of Love Irresistibly. I'm a re-reader and I would love to have a copy on my book shelf. Thank you for the chance <3

  7. JenJ

    Oh happy day! And heeeeey Ford! *throws glitta*

  8. Elizabeth Clinton

    So excited to read Ford’s book loved him as Brooke’s best friend and knowing Henry Cavill us who you envisioned him as well that just makes it even better can’t wait for 2015 to get here

  9. Lauren

    Wow sounds like a fantastic read, just like all of your others! Can’t wait to read it!!

  10. Cynthia Morgan

    Books sounds fantastic. Definitely going on my TBR list.

  11. Cat

    How about changing the name ‘FBI/U.S. Attorney series’ to ‘Chicago Justice series’ or something similar?
    Anyway, this is great news – finally I no longer have to bug you on twitter :)
    A hero that looks like Henry Cavill? Heck yeah! I’ll just re-read your books whilst waiting for Suddenly One Summer. And maybe I’ll win one physical book from this giveaway so that I can meet Ford on paper.
    Already looking forward to reading an excerpt once you’re allowed to share one!

  12. Margil

    I literally jumped up and down for a solid minute to get the excitement out of me (which really didn’t take any of the excitement out) and calm me down because aaaaaaaagggh A STANDALONE BOOK AFTER HOW MANY YEARS THIS IS MAKING ME SO EXCITED THANK YOU JESUS FOR JULIE JAMES AND HER BOOKS!!

  13. Suzi

    My favorite books still remain to date JTSMA and PMP – the ones which aren’t part of the FBI/US Attorney series – which is not to say I don’t like them heck they are better than most books out there…I think that I just preferred them a lot more for some reason – possibly the characters…


  14. Rebe

    oooo, a brother looking out for his sister! I can’t wait!

  15. Leslie

    Perfect! I’m unpacking after a move and I can’t find Love Irresistibly. Winning a new copy will be the best way to make the lost one reappear. Then I’ll give the old one away to create more interest in the new book.

  16. aretha z

    fantastic! I love him and I will be waiting for his story :). I wish he will get a perfect happy ending too with his heroine !

  17. Erica H

    I can’t wait! Who wouldn’t want to read about Ford?

  18. Shelly Rogers

    I am excited for this new book, sounds wonderful! Thank you!!

  19. Kim P

    The book sounds absolutely fantastic! *Squee!* Waiting until May 2015-not so much. *sigh*

  20. Cindy Werner

    I would love to win a copy! Thanks for the chance.

  21. Traci Peterson

    Can’t wait to read the new one!

  22. Lynne seaver

    Can’t wait!!!!

  23. Kathryn Scott

    Looking forward to a new Julie James book! Can’t wait to read it!

  24. Lizzy

    Yay! Can’t wait!! :)

  25. Marit

    Very very excited about your next book!!!
    Love your books and I am thrillled to hear that another is coming!

  26. April blue

    It’s going to be amazing!

  27. Laura

    Can’t wait for the new book!

  28. Elaine carmona

    Awesome!!! He is perfect. OMG until May?

  29. Linda Henderson

    I will be looking forward to it. I always enjoy your books.

  30. Doris

    Woooo hoooo can not wait….

  31. Alexandra

    Can’t wait for Ford’s story!!!! He was amazing in Love Iressistibly. ❤️❤️❤️

  32. elyca canaria

    I never thought Ford will have his own story !!! cant wait cant wait :D

  33. Tara

    Cannot wait! So excited!

  34. Diana

    I love that all your heroines are educated women who don’t NEED a guy to be happy (but it never hurts!). Thanks!

  35. Jennifer Walls

    Yay!!! I can’t wait! Thanks for the giveaway

  36. Kim

    Will there be wine?

  37. Natasha Griffin

    Can’t wait for this one!

  38. Denise Gallagher

    WOOOOO HOOOO!!! Ford finally gets his book! So happy!!! He was the perfect guy best friend!!!!

  39. Susú

    Hahaha when i started reading this post my reaction was like the gifs but then i’m just so happy and excited about this news. Can’t wait to know about Ford :D

  40. Alice Powell

    Darn, I was so hoping for a continuation on the FBI series but then when I read on I was really happy – the downside is—I have to wait months for this book. I am just rereading your last book for the 3rd time. I love your books and I am looking forward to Ford’s story. As usual, before your new one comes out I will be reading Love Irresistibly again to refresh my memory. You are by far my favorite author.

  41. Sherry Lin

    Cannot wait!!!!

  42. julissa

    Can’t wait to read this one!


    I would love to win a copy!!

  44. Fiker H

    I’m sure I’ll love this one- just like all the other books! Can’t wait to meet Victoria and fall in love with Ford!

  45. Anne

    So excited for this book!

  46. Anuja Joseph

    please please please !!! This time around send me a book !!! as I am from India, i hardly have a chance to, you know meet you in person… and its like your writing inspires me a lot.. when m reading other stories i kind of skip the lines in between , but when its your book i kind of love reading every description .. i feel like its you talking to me directly….. and i am kinda dying to get a signed book of yours…. :) ^_^

  47. flchen1

    OMG! Ford!!! YAY!!!!!! I LOVED Love Irresistibly–can’t wait for May ;)

  48. Tara Thomas

    Can’t wait to read Ford’s story!! Is it May yet????

  49. Heidi Pergolski

    I have to admit this would be my first book of yours. And I need to read this one and more!! This book sounds amazing!!

  50. Ashley B

    So excited!!! Can’t wait to read it!!

  51. Jill

    May!! Really:(

  52. Bube

    Aaa,I’m so excited for this book,can’t wait! :)
    Thank you Julie :)

  53. Leeanne

    Yeah! Ford definitely caught my attention in LI. I loved his take on the causal dating rules (and to Brooke publishing the article on her FB page). I just wish we didn’t have to wait until May 2015 for it to come out. Can’t you write a little faster? ;)

  54. Alison Blatman

    Can’t wait for the protective brother!!!!!

  55. Ann M.

    Okay .. my job now is to re-read Love Irresistibly. So willing a copy would be great. :)

  56. Jenn McElroy

    While I’m sad that this won’t be a FBI/US Attorney book, I can’t wait to read it!! :-)

  57. Jessica Hughes

    Awesome! I’m also happy we now know Ford’s profession. That he was successful was made clear in “Love Irresistibly” but there was nothing about what he did. Also, hoping to learn more about Ford’s mysterious family. Good luck with the ending.

  58. lisa

    Can’t wait to read it!!!

  59. Jessica Gossett-Hale

    I can’t wait!! I love all your books! I am going to reread Brooke’s story so I can get familiar with Ford again!!

  60. Audrey K

    I’m looking forward to this!!

  61. lea

    Thanks for the chance! Would love to win!

  62. Sofia T.

    I can’t wait for it!! Really exciteddddd :)

  63. Jennifer Schultheis

    WOW!!!! I would love to have a signed paperback of this…so excited to read another book of yours. Thanks for the chance! :)

  64. Elena Lim

    Oh My God. *fangirl scream*

    I. Can’t. Wait. Need to re-read Love Irresistibly ASAP to get to know Ford. XDD

  65. Tuyen Monzon

    Yay!!! Ford sounds pretty hot!!

  66. Anne L.

    Oh…can’t wait! May seems like a long way off!

  67. Amy R

    Book sounds great, thanks for the giveaway.

  68. Karen Q

    OH Wow! New book sounds like another winner, but HOW, JUST HOW, am I gonna be able to wait until next May?

  69. Monica T

    I can’t wait!

  70. Marsha Paul

    Oh I’d love to win! My birthday is 8/23…what a great b’day gift it would be!

  71. Jackie Kenny

    exciting news … and ford ,now there is a hottie … just marked my calendar… with release date ….

  72. Narda Seaberry

    Can’t wait. If you can arrange for it to come out sooner that would be even better.

  73. jaka

    would love to win!

  74. Bethany

    Can’t wait to read it :) Gorgeous guy you picture Ford as. Love all your books and have several other friends hooked on you too

  75. Janice

    Can’t wait. May is so far away!

  76. Ulla

    what a great story! Can´t wait!

  77. Cindy

    Sounds great!

  78. sara della bella

    Yes!!! Love Ford!
    Thank you, Julie!

  79. Shivani Rajput

    Omggg I love all your books.. Cant wait for May 2015.. and sexy Ford Dixon ;-)

  80. Vero Stro

    So long? until May! Ouchhh! I can’t wait

  81. aurora

    Whst am I going to do in 9 long months? Oh, I know, reread all your books :)

  82. Robin Greene

    I’m looking forward to this! It’s on my to be bought list.

  83. Lauren Squires

    I cannot WAIT until May! Fords story sounds like it’s going to be (once again) a read I can’t put down until it’s finished! Thanks for sharing the news! :)

  84. Amy

    I always love the FBI/US Attorney series the best, but I am always excited for a new book from you which I will no doubt read :)
    I am excited to see how this story plays out! Can’t wait!!

  85. Oana

    I SOOOO love your books and can’t wait to read a new one, no matter if it is FBI related or not :D

  86. Shey Houston

    So excited for this story!

  87. Lee Clements Tobar

    Sounds even better than untainted, unforgotten vanilla syrup on a Monday! Thanks so much Julie.

  88. tiffany

    Woohoo!! Can’t wait! Going to re-read Love Irresistibly. Since this is Ford’s story, I hope Brooke and Cade make an appearance (or a few!).

  89. Vy

    I’m so excited! You cannot wrote them fast enough… Every time I’m fine reading I have to re-read another of your books.

  90. Sam

    SO EXCITED FOR FORD!!! I love his relationship with Brooke, and I hope his two buddies make an appearance too

  91. CrystalGB

    Awesome! Sounds good. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  92. Sonja

    Yay Ford!

  93. Kim P

    Sounds AWESOME!!! Of course all your books are. Can’t wait for Ford’s story and by the way I like your vision!

  94. Kelsie

    Would love to read this!

  95. Leanna

    Looks great! I cannot wait!

  96. Jessica

    Ford as Henry Cavill?! HERE FOR IT.

  97. phala

    I’m so excited! All yours books are awesome!I can’t wait for it!Thanks for the giveway! :-)

  98. Rose

    This book sounds so amazing!!! Can’t wait for it to come out, so I can read it. I am a huge book lover!!!

  99. Veronika B

    Yay! I’m so excited! Those gifs were spot on btw, but after I read who the hero will be I almost broke out in happy tears! I love Ford and can’t wait to read his book!

  100. kae

    mmmm that is one sexy Ford
    I can’t, can’t, caaaan’t wait for the release!!

  101. Rebecka

    I’m really looking forward to this one! ;D

  102. Quinn Fforde

    Oh, wow. I might be drooling right now. I can’t wait for this one!

  103. Olivia T

    Yes! Ford!

  104. Cecille Pascua

    Yay! I’m super excited!

  105. Lauren Emily

    Hellooooo Ford!

  106. Tiffany

    Yay! I cannot wait for this!

  107. jen dasilva

    I can’t wait!! Love all your books!! <3

  108. Fatima

    excited! cant wait!

  109. Teresa

    How wonderful!!! I really liked Ford so I’m very happy you’ll be giving us his story.

  110. Irina

    That’s wonderful news, Julie! Can’t wait for a new book!

  111. Mary Betancud Schegnfet

    Hello Ford!!!!!! So excited for this new hero. And I’m still waiting for Tyler’s book, I feel kind of sad for him in “It happened one Wedding”… I think he deserves a happily ever after as well.:D

  112. Amanda Ashley

    I love all of your books and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

  113. Barb Cotter

    Can’t wait!

  114. jean

    May, I have to wait till May…..moan

  115. Ayu

    I hope Ford will get a good girl, because he deserved that. That girl must be strong, smart, funny & make Ford happy as Brooke

  116. melissa miller fields

    Would luv to read this “!

  117. ms bookjunkie

    Woo hoo, Ford! *happy dance*

  118. Lauri Gruber

    Yay! I’m happy to get to learn more about Ford. In all honesty, I would be happy with whomever the book is about…I love them all.

  119. Samia

    Aaaaaaaah, can’t wait !

  120. Kim

    The book sounds great. Can’t wait to read the snappy dialogue.

  121. Jo Vicente

    I can’t wait until May, should be a great read. Love your books. I collect books & would like to have a signed copy of any of your books. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  122. Thuy

    OMG Ford!! Finally and I can’t wait for May!!

  123. wendy

    This book sounds great! I can’t wait to read this!

  124. Selina

    This is great! I loved Ford, the fact Henry Cavill is how you envision him is just the icing on the cake. A very attractive cake.

  125. Loretta Beasley

    thanks for a chance to win,, I have not read this series yet..

  126. Jen

    Thanks for the giveaway! Looking forward to reading both of these books.

  127. Irena Jovanovska

    It’s so great, first we got sexy very special FBI agent Vaughn and now ever handsome and funny Ford ! We love Julie, can’t wait for next may :/

  128. Mary Jo Burke

    Love The Big Bang Theory and your books!

  129. Judy Ma

    Sounds like an exciting book! Really looking forward for the release. Would be cool to take a glimpse how the hero is like also. So pick me, choose me, hahahaha

  130. Lisa Hutson

    A lot of information in a short post. Along with an inspiring photo. :-) You do know how to make your readers happy, don’t you?

  131. Elisha

    I love the sarcastic dialogue and I hope you continue with that. Your books are a great pick me up. Best of luck and CONGRATS!
    Looking forward to Ford’s story.

  132. Leigh

    I loved Ford!!! Yay!!

  133. Jyotsna

    I was hoping for Two Minute Tyler. Ford works, as well :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  134. khy

    Omg soooo exciting. I can’t wait!

  135. Errin

    I need to reread Love Irresistibly, it was my favorite one but I’m super excited for Suddenly One Summer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. Heather Swanson

    Can not wait!!!!!

  137. Ellen Huck

    Not surprised that Ford would be your next guy. He had a lot of possibilities, but will miss “seeing” the old gang.
    I discovered your books this summer and read them all in order in a week. I’ve recommended them to others looking for smart writing with great dialogue and strong women. Thanks for the good reads!

  138. Joanita

    Oh my gosh! Happy dance… I cannot wait for this book. I just know it’s going to be amazing, as you NEVER disappoint.

  139. Jessica Sheehan

    Woohoo!!! Bring on another book. I can’t wait to read it!

  140. Alma P.

    SOOO happy that Ford’s getting his book! I’ve been waiting for it since LI! And wow, can’t wait to see what Victoria’s like too, especially if she might be your favourite :)

    I’m hoping Tyler gets more than two minutes of story time soon too, especially if that means we can revisit Payton and JD :)

  141. Anne

    Can’t wait to read it!

  142. Nancy Smith

    Thanks for the opportunity, would love to read it.

  143. Suzanne Humphrey

    I LOVE all your books! Can’t wait to read Ford’s story!!!

  144. miki

    i like the fact we will see familiar faces
    thank you a lot for teh giveaway and i wish you a lot of success with this new adventure

  145. Rizky Agustina

    Why hello there, Mr. Dixon~ *wipes drool*

    I wonder if Suddenly One Summer is the development of the ideas you’d been writing on those Kleenex. :D

  146. Ellie

    Great nees! Can ‘t wait :)

  147. Monica Ullrich

    Great! I have something to reward myself with after my final exams in May!

  148. Jami Birnbaum

    Can’t believe I have to wait until 2015 to read about Ford… but he’s worth the wait! Thanks for the chance to win.

  149. Annie

    I cannot wait for Ford’s book!!

  150. Julia-Yen

    I am excited for Ford book! Can’t wait to read it!!!

  151. Kimberly

    Can’t wait for the next book!

  152. Susanne

    Thank You, Jezus!.. Umm, I mean Julie! ;-)
    Looking forward to Ford!

  153. Jamie

    I can’t wait! I love this series!

  154. Jadzia

    Can’t wait! So excited :D

  155. Heather Hirsch

    Super excited to read thia either way!

  156. Sarah Webber

    Sounds fun!

  157. Ruha Siddiqui

    Out of all the FBI/US Attorney books, Cade and Brooke’s story was by far my favorite. That being said I can not wait for Ford’s story. Eeeek hopefully this time, I actually win a book from your giveaways lol. Hopefully May 2015 comes around fast. Love all your work, hope you continue writing as long as possible. Thanks

  158. Beth

    Hurray! I can’t wait!

  159. Jui Walimbe

    So excited for the new book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  160. Annie

    So very excited! You rock, Julie!

  161. JoAnn

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  162. Alina P

    I can’t wait!!!

  163. Eileen A-W

    YAY!!!!! Can’t wait for another Julie James book ot read!! But May is so far away!! :-(

  164. Mirka

    Can’t wait for this one!

  165. MM

    Um, not until May? *sigh*

  166. Athena

    So excited about Ford getting his own story :D Looks like it’s going to be another good one!

  167. Jane

    I will have it pre-ordered as soon as possible! Thanks for the contest chance. But, more importantly, new reading material! Have a great day! :)

  168. Turophile

    Sounds like a good read!

  169. erika

    OH NO. No more FBI agents? That’s just sad. But hey I’ve been really wanting a new book from you so yay! Something to look forward to. Can’t wait! :)

  170. Sanjana

    Yay! Can’t wait for this to release..

  171. Tina R

    Looking forward to your next book. I haven’t read Love Irresistibly yet. It would be awesome if I could win a print copy. :D

  172. naomi

    Oh, exciting! And I really appreciate that your giveaway is either paper or ebook.

  173. Sandy X

    I forgot who Ford is already…I’ll need to go reread the boon to remember him now.

  174. Peggy

    Book sounds great and Ford looks so yummy! Can’t wait til it comes out.

  175. Melanie Ley

    Not upset at all. I love ALL your books!

  176. Justine

    Such exciting news! So will Suddenly One Summer be part of a series?

  177. Kayla

    Finally! Hurry up and get here May… Well, ok- don’t hurry up- maybe a brisk walk will do.

  178. Marcy S.

    I’m sure it’ll be awesome like always! Can’t wait to read it!

  179. Agatha P. Townsend

    Would love to try a new author to me.

  180. rachel

    Yay! Can’t wait for Ford’s story!

  181. Carrie C

    Woohoo! It’s going to be so hard to wait! =]

  182. Shenita

    I’ve loved what I’ve read from you so far so I can’t wait.

  183. Nicole

    Woohooo for FORD! Can not wait! May is so far away…

    (not a contest entry, as I already own and have read Love Irresistibly – loved it!)

  184. Sandy

    Ford Ford Ford!! I cannot wait!! SQUEEEEE!!

  185. Melanie S.

    Seriously, when I read it wasn’t part of the FBI /U.S. Attorney series, I was a wee bit bummed until I read who the hero was. Ford! YAY!!!! And also, who you picture the hero to look like. Henry Cavill. I approve. Whole. Heartedly.
    So…May 2015. That is just too long of a wait. I don’t know how I can possibly wait that long.

  186. Divya


  187. Aneta Gjundrova

    Ooo Julie this sounds GREAT !!! Here in Macedonia we don’t have Love Irresistibly and I would like to have it :D Pick me PLEASE ! <3 <3

  188. Alexandra

    Cant wait to read it. As I have yet to read the book in question. It would be fantastic to win. Good luck with finishing the book :-)

  189. Rose Boniello

    May???!!! Oh dear, oh dear!! Guess we’ll have to take a stroll down memory lane & do a complete reread of the FBI series!!

  190. Jen D

    Ahhhh! Sooo excited about this book! Yay! :D

    And thanks for the giveaway, Julie! :D

  191. Kelly L.

    I am currently drooling. ;D
    Thank you for the giveaway! :D

  192. Betty K

    Have the paperback- would love to add the ebook to my Kindle!!

  193. Bibi J

    You can never go wrong with Henry Cavill. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  194. Evelyn

    I can’t wait to read this and I love all of your books.

  195. Linda Townsend

    Thanks for the chance!

  196. Danielle Woods

    Excited to read your books! I just found you!

  197. Robin

    Looking forward to Ford’s story. Will Ford and Brooke have to go to their special place to talk about his romance???

  198. Emma U

    Ok, May…. I can do it. Yep, I can wait. I’m good at waiting. At least outwardly you’ll never know that I’m screaming NOOOOOOOO!!!!! on the inside. But damn if that picture of “Ford” isn’t the only thing that’s going to keep me going.

  199. Lynn Grier

    Count me in for the giveaway. Waiting to read this one!

  200. Vicki P

    Woot! Woot! Glad to hear the heroine is a strong character and that Ford is the hero!

  201. TrishJ

    Yay. I cannot wait. I loved Ford and was hoping he would get his own story.

  202. Arlene L

    OMG! I really want to read your book, LOVE IRRESISTIBLY! I want to meet him! </3

  203. Judy Matchim

    A little disappointed a first but love your writing so know it will be a hit, just hurry up and release it, am anxiously awaiting!!!!!

  204. Cheryl

    Oh gosh…May is a long way off!

  205. Lori Gallagher

    May 2015 seems so far away! I can’t wait to read Ford’s story.

  206. Alaina C

    So excited!!! :)

  207. Stephanie Nelson

    Can’t wait for May!

  208. Jaime S.

    Julie, your books are fantastic! I cannot wait! May just seems so far away….let the countdown begin. :)

  209. Lisa

    Sounds great!

  210. Tresha

    Asdfhsgsdh omAIGOD FINALLY!!!! FORD!!! Been waiting for forever for his story to come out. Yaaaayyy! Hurry up, May!!!!!!!

  211. Sheryl C. Nash

    The story sound like THE BOMB!!!! I can’t wait till May now!!! WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  212. Jamie Liao

    Love this plot. Can’t wait for it coming next year. ^_^

  213. Mirie

    Loved Ford’s character in Love Irresistibly – can’t wait to see him in his own story!!

  214. Roxanne

    I love your books and especially like when stories have links between them but they are hard to find or very small. Makes my fictional world grow so much!

  215. Melissa Rodriguez

    Thank you for writing great books! I can’t wait in till May comes.

  216. Frieda Eyoum

    Yeah ! Seems like a great story !!!

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