I’ve got a new website!!

But if you’re here, I guess you already knew that.  : )

I’m getting used to the new site and blog, and it may take a few days to iron out all the kinks.   In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment below.  I’m testing out the new blog and want to make sure it’s working properly!

In honor of The Dog…

I don’t normally post pet or personal-type photos, but The Dog turned nine years old today, and during our walk this morning, I had one of those “how time flies” moments.  I’ve been noticing that he’s as pokey as me during our walks these days– and considering I’m about eight and 1/2 months pregnant and waddle around at a speed of roughly 1.2 miles per hour, that’s saying a lot.

So I thought I’d post this picture, taken just this morning, as a Happy Birthday shout-out.  When The Dog was a nine month-old puppy, we found out he had hip dysplasia in both hips and the vet specialist told us that he’d see us in six months for hip replacement surgery.  Here we are at nine years, and no surgery yet (fingers crossed that keeps up):

And because the temperature in Chicago dropped twenty degrees since yesterday and Fall suddenly seems to be upon us, I couldn’t resist posting this photo as well:

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone!

People Are Strange…

Cue the Doors song. . . .  The other day, I was walking The Dog, and we came across something that struck me as a little. . . odd.  Luckily, I happened to have my handy iPhone camera with me.

From a few feet away, I saw this box leaning against someone’s house:

Curious, as The Dog and I walked by, I looked to see what was written on the box:

“IF YOU WANT THIS FOR YOUR DOG, CAT TO PISS ON– TAKE IT[.]  HAVE FUN.  Put a Plastic Bag on one corner.”

I laughed out loud at the “Have fun” part.  Okay. . . I get that this person was trying to be neighborly and all, but are there really that many people walking around, looking for a stray mat for their dog/cat to “piss” on?  I do appreciate, however, the helpful advice to “put a plastic bag one one corner.”

Shockingly, from what I saw, they didn’t have any takers.

In other (very exciting!) news. . . on Friday, I found out from my editor that Something About You has gone into its third printing!!  Whoo-hoo!  Thanks to all of you for that.  : )

Oh–and I’m hoping to be able to share the cover of my next book, A Lot Like Love, soon.  Meanwhile, I’ve turned in my proposal for Book 5 and should start writing the book next week.  More to come on that front soon!

New Blog Design

Oh, imagine that–I changed the design of my blog again.  I think the pink in the previous style was starting to bug me.  Let’s see how this one sits for a few days.  : )

Now off to work on my RWA post!