PMP in Round 2 of DABWAHA

Yep, that’s right–Practice Makes Perfect advanced to the next round in the DABWAHA March Madness tournament of romance novels! Many thanks to all of you who voted in the first round.

And now PMP is up again. . . and pitted up against the No. 1 seed in its bracket.  Whew, tough competition.  So if you liked Practice Makes Perfect, and feel like throwing it a vote, head on over to the DABWAHA site and vote for it by 11am CST tomorrow (Sunday).  Here’s the link where you can vote.

Voting is open to everyone. (You don’t have to have filled out a DABWAHA bracket.)

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!  (And enjoying March Madness).

Practice Makes Perfect in DABWAHA!

Yep, that’s right, it’s DABWAHA time again. . . that March Madness-style tournament of romance books hosted by the ladies at Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

And did you hear–Practice Makes Perfect was chosen as one of the 64 finalists!  PMP’s first-round of voting happens today.  I’ve drawn a very tough first round match-up. . . so if you liked Practice Makes Perfect, head on over to the DABWAHA site and vote for it today.  (Friday.)  Here’s the link where you can vote.

Voting is open from noon EST to midnight tonight, and is open to everyone. (You don’t have to have filled out a DABWAHA bracket.)

March Madness for romance books. . . gotta love that.  😉

How Cary Grant Made Me a Romance Author

Hi everyone!  As I think I may have mentioned–he, he–Practice Makes Perfect was nominated in the Favourite Contemporary category of the Australian Romance Readers Awards.  They invited the authors to guest blog during the voting period, and my post, “How Cary Grant Made Me a Romance Author,” went live today.

You can check that out here.

And don’t you just love this picture?

PMP nominated for Australian Romance Readers award!

Wow– I woke up this morning to find out that Practice Makes Perfect had been nominated for Favourite Contemporary by the Australian Romance Readers Association!!  How’s that for a good day, mates?  (Okay, okay, that was bad.  Hey–it’s early.)

You can check out the full list of nominees for the ARRA awards here.

Thanks, ARRA!!  And Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!

Casting Practice Makes Perfect

Last Friday, I sent off the manuscript for Book 3, currently titled Partners in Crime. Whew.  It’s funny, because I had such a fun time writing this book, I’m sort of sad to not be working on it every day.

In other news, today my film agent started sending out Practice Makes Perfect to Hollywood producers.  This of course got me thinking about who could be cast in the two lead roles, if, say, a studio exec called tomorrow and demanded my thoughts on this subject ASAP.  So I came up with some ideas…  Now, these aren’t necessarily people I had in mind when writing the book, mind you– rather, just some potential ideas I’m now throwing out there for discussion.

I’ll start with the heroine first.  Let’s see… Payton has blonde hair, blue eyes, is on the shorter side, but is tough as nails in the courtroom and is more than capable of going head-to-head with any man.  And she does it all while keeping her feminine side.  

Tough as nails? Girly yet capable of breaking out some serious whoop-ass?  Now who does that make me think of…?


Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Buffy.  Need I say more?

Or how about…


True, Anne Hathaway doesn’t have blonde hair, but wouldn’t she be perfect in just about any romantic comedy?   But don’t forget…


I realize that Jennifer Garner isn’t blonde either, but she can kick some serious you-know-what and do comedy, too, and somehow pull it off with girl-next-door charisma.  But don’t forget option #4…

Eva Green

Okay, so I’m not being honest with this one.  I don’t actually see Eva Green as Payton, but I absolutely had her in mind for the heroine in the book I just finished and I couldn’t resist sharing.  And she was so smart and saucy (not to mention beautiful) in Casino Royale that were I a casting director, I’d put her in any movie she wanted.  

And now for the men…  Hmm… J.D. is tall, brown hair, blue eyes, confident, driven, and knows how to wear a suit.   So in order to best judge these contenders, I think it’s only fair that we see them both in and out of a suit, right?  

So we need a cocky, sarcastic-type who still is a major hottie.  How about…














No blue eyes on Ryan Reynolds, but I’m thinking I can overlook that.  But if blue eyes are a must, then maybe…

bradyEric Martsolf













Actor Eric Martsolf.  Brown hair, blue eyes, piercing gaze.  The fact that I couldn’t find a gratuitous shirtless picture of this man yet still kept him in the running speaks volumes.  Or maybe you, the casting director, require naked man-chest to make your decision?  In that case, how about…














Yes, let’s all just gloss over what Eddie Cibrian may or may not have been doing with LeAnn Rimes on the set of their Nora Roberts Lifetime movie, and focus instead on the fact that he was the very sexy fireman on Third Watch.  Plus, well… he does that towel proud.  

And last, but certainly not least…



Angel.  Enough said. [Sigh….]  And in case you aren’t following me there, oh yeah, his real name is David Boreanaz, and yep, he is that guy from Bones.  

So what do you think about my picks?  Or maybe you have some ideas of your own– I’d love to here them!  For those of you who’ve read Practice Makes Perfect, you know there’s tons of back-and-forth verbal sparring between the hero and heroine… what actor and actress could have that “battle-of-the-sexes” chemistry?