Giveaway winners– Love Irresistibly ARCs

Wow! You guys really came out in droves for the ARCs of Love Irresistibly! With a response like that, I feel like I have to throw in an extra copy. So, according to my handy random number generator, the three winners of an ARC of Love Irresistibly are:

Pennie (comment #131)

Patoct (comment #450)

Simone (#155)

Winners, I have your email addresses and I’ll be contacting you shortly.

To everyone: I love your enthusiasm! Don’t despair if you didn’t win this round–I’m not even close to being done with giveaways yet. : ) Until next time, folks…

12 thoughts on “Giveaway winners– Love Irresistibly ARCs

  1. Moran says:

    Congratulations to the winner :)

    April is right around the corner so I’ll just have to wait 2 more month to read Love Irresistibly.

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